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Natural & Home Remedies Anti Aging

11 Natural Anti Aging Tips

Natural anti aging tips that actually make a difference to your skin are not a myth. The tips and tricks below work both instantly and long-term for smoother, firmer, more radiant looking skin.

Lady lifting up face for anti aging in a mirror

The big anti-aging moves like lasers, botox and facelifts do work. But if you’re looking for more natural, easier, and much cheaper ways to get younger-looking skin, the eleven tips on this page are for you.

Not only do they give you visible results, they are also good for your skin. So use them frequently to improve the health and vibrance of your skin long-term. Enjoy!

Natural Anti Aging Tips

1: Instantly Younger-looking Skin with a DIY Face Lift Massage

Face profile with arrows for facelift

This DIY face lift massage will give you instantly younger-looking skin—and work long-term to improve nutrient flow, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and just help you feel more relaxed.

These moves drain lymph and provide “lift” to your skin. You might be surprised at the results. You really can lift your eyebrows and cheeks naturally!

  • Do this after cleansing your skin. Use it as a one-off routine to improve your appearance before a big date, or do it daily.
  • A natural anti aging oil like almond or vitamin e works well, or use your favorite facial oil. You can also use a vitamin C serum for extra anti-aging benefits.
  • Use gentle pressure with your fingertips—you want to apply enough pressure to “move” the skin and help drain lymph, without causing stress or movement wrinkles.
  • Lift your eyebrows by using your ring fingers to sweep up and over towards the top of your temples. Concentrate lifting them up and out.
  • Lift your cheeks by sweeping from the side of your nose towards the top of your eyes. This also helps drain lymph and reduce a puffy face.
  • Define your jaw by massaging along the bone, and sweeping up and over it towards your ear.
  • For extra details and a video demonstration, see this article

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2. Fish Oil Omega 3

Omega 3 supplements on a white table

What you eat (and how you eat) has the power to improve skin tone, hydration, and vibrancy. And when it comes to natural anti aging tips, increasing your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids is one way to improve your skin and your health.

Omega 3 fatty acids strengthen cell membranes, so they can perform vital functions like nutrient uptake and waste removal. This also improves cells ability to hold water—and properly hydrated cells means plump, younger-looking skin!

A diet change can take from one to three months to really show in your skin. But it is worth doing—once you hit the mark the results will continue.

The Best Way to Increase Omega 3 Intake

At least two servings of oily fish a week is the recommended amount. Or you can take a fish oil supplement—whatever is easier for your lifestyle.

  • If you choose to take a supplement, check with your doctor first.
  • Nordic Naturals is a well known quality brand, and their Omega 3 supplements have a barely perceptible “fishy” aftertaste!

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3. How to Really Drink Water for Younger-Looking Skin

Lady holding glass of water to her lips

This anti aging tip is repeated so much it induces eye rolls. But if you drink water properly, you really can see the difference in your skin. Forget the “8 glasses a day” repetition, go for higher quantity and incorporate the other steps below:

  • 8 glasses is about 1.5 liters, which is supposedly the recommended minimum amount for adults. But if you want to improve your skin try for at least 3 liters a day—you might be surprised at the difference this makes not only to your appearance but how you fell in general.
  • It is this dramatic increase that you want (of course, too much isn’t good either, and check with your doctor if you’re concerned).
  • Also “eat” your water to help with hydrate: watermelon, cucumbers, all fruits. These provide water and vitamins.
  • Try taking a half teaspoon of Himalayan salt in the morning. This will help improve water absorption and ensure you don’t flush out all electrolytes.
  • Adjust intake according to your lifestyle and body: a dry climate; exercise; coffee; alcohol; your weight and height… all these things change the amount of water you need.

You should notice an improvement in your skin and how you feel in 3-5 days. For more details about drinking water to improve skin see this article.

4. Wake Up in the Morning with Plumper Skin

Woman in bed turning off alarm

Want to wake up with younger looking skin? It’s as simple as using a humidifier in your bedroom at night. This is beauty sleep at its finest.

A fine mist of water in the air as you slumber can improve fine lines and surface hydration of your skin. This is really helpful if you just can’t seem to tackle dry skin. It also improve breathing or sinus issues, so give it a go!

There is no need for a big fancy humidifier, a small machine works. Place it on your bedside so it is close enough to your face to really make a difference.

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5. Natural Skin Tightening Face Mask

Applying product to skin

The humble egg white face mask. This easy natural treatment tightens skin, refines pores and brightens your complexion. The facelift effects are temporary, but when it’s this easy, that is totally okay!

You can use it a few times a week, and is particularly good right before a big date when you want to quickly tighten skin. Of course, don’t use if you’re allergic to eggs!

The egg white face mask step by step:

  • Whip up 1-2 egg whites in a small bowl.
  • Apply to face, concentrating on areas that need a “lift”: jawline, upper cheeks, forehead.
  • You can use your fingers but it is easier to apply with a cotton balls and gently sweep over skin.
  • The egg whites will harden and feel tight. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and follow with moisturizer.

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6. Decrease Inflammation Naturally

Lady with young looking skin holding heart shape over face

The two skin-aging processes are natural (time, gravity) and external/lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and health. The second factors involve inflammation—and signs of inflammation include uneven skin tone, wrinkles, sagging skin, breakouts and acne.

So it makes sense that reducing inflammation will help keep your skin looking younger, naturally. Below are a few tips to do just that:

  • A simple daily addition: mix 1/2 teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric spice. Swallow each morning on an empty stomach (a little gross, but a great anti-inflammatory start!)
  • Exercise really is one of the best way to reduce stress and its effects. Try to get 30 minutes a day. It also helps improve sleep which is an anti aging tip in its own right.
  • Reduce intake of substances like alcohol and sugar, both cause inflammation in your body and do effect skin.
  • Eat plenty of anti-oxidant foods: fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate…

7. Reduce Water Retention to Tighten Your Face

Woman with smooth contoured skin

Yes, this is the second natural anti aging tip that involves water, it’s powerful stuff. If you’re tired of hiding your chin, cheekbones, and other facial contours behind “soft focus”, take note of this tip. It has the power to dramatically transform your face (no makeup necessary).

This is also important if your face often feels uncomfortable—heavy, bloated, sagging, or just ugh. You might be dealing with water retention. So what you can do to naturally reduce it?

  • First the obvious: drink more water. This helps flush out excess water from your tissues.
  • Every morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of hot water and fresh lemon juice. This will wake you up, increase hydration, and help detox your body (also great for getting rid of cellulite!)
  • Another obvious one: reduce salt. Just one or two days of excess salt in you diet can leave you looking slightly blow-fish.
  • Increase protein intake. This helps keep you satiated so you eat less carbohydrates, which hold water and contribute to bloat.
  • Exercise to a sweat daily to eliminate excess water through sweat.
  • Do the facial massage routine above (tip #1) to drain lymph and reduce puffiness. And try the instant bloat-reducing mask below.

8. Instant DIY Face Slimming Mask

Picture of coffee and spoon

This DIY mask gives some serious instant face-slimming, firming, anti-aging results. It’s also a great way to use those left-over grinds from your morning coffee. As a natural diuretic coffee sucks water out from your skin. You really can see and feel the effects of this.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of used coffee grinds with enough honey to make a paste—you can also use yoghurt. Anything that will help form a paste and stay on your skin.
  • Apply gently to your face. Make sure to apply under your chin and jawline since this area is notorious for bloating. Avoid the eye area, just go to the orbital bone.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes. Place some paper towels around your neck to catch any drips.
  • Removal is easiest in the shower, so hop in and rinse!

You can also use this on your body—mix up enough to cover your tummy, thighs or wherever, then apply as above for an instant slim-down!

9. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate… From the Outside

Jar of facial moisturizing cream

We all know that moisturizer is important, but who says you only have to apply it twice a day?

Take a tip from the eternal Joan Collins, who supposedly keeps a jar beside each basin and applies to as much as possible when she is home. Her skin is fantastic so that’s a tip worth listening to!

Here’s a modification for us “mere mortals”, since a jar by every basin seems excessive in both jars and basins.

  • Cleanse your face and apply moisturizer after you first get home in the evening. This is also a great way to “wash the day” and start to relax.
  • Then before bed apply another layer of moisturizer. Make this layer thick and let it absorb, then massage excess into your skin.
  • On days when you are at home, try to apply moisturizer it whenever you remember and notice how your skin feels. A simple hydrating cream works fine. You might be surprised at the difference in your skins softness, especially the next day!

10. Pay Attention to Your Neck and Chest Muscles

Young woman with bare neck and shoulders looking up

This is simple but so often overlooked—if your neck and chest muscles are tight, they will pull down your facial muscles. This causes your face to “drop” so you look less youthful. It also constrict nutrient and oxygen flow to your skin.

Keep those muscles loose and supple to improve the appearance of your skin instantly and long term (bonus points for overall wellbeing).

  • Get regular massages. If you can’t afford professional massages a simple DIY massage with some body lotion helps. Concentrate on any tight areas and kneed them out gently.
  • Stretch your neck, shoulders, and chest often. Yoga can also help keep this area loose.
  • Regularly check your posture and ensure you aren’t rounding your shoulders or tipping your neck. Adjust any seats or computer screens to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Open your mouth wide and make silly faces to loosen up the chin and neck, roll your shoulders gently, and just remain aware of the muscles in this area.
  • If you work out regularly, remember to stretch and recover.

11. Forget the Vegetables: Eat Your Protein

Photo of the fork and knife with white plate

A natural anti aging tips list wouldn’t be complete without some mention of diet. Okay, maybe don’t quite forget the vegetables, just be sure not to forget the protein!

Protein is vital as it supplies the amino acid building blocks for your entire body—including your skin. These amino acids have to come from your diet because the body doesn’t make them.

Most sources recommend about 0.8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight a day, minimum. If you find this hard to meet, try a protein shake blended with frozen fruit and water/milk.

Beauty bonus: Proper protein intake also controls cravings, increases energy, and strengthens hair and nails.

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