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How to Really Drink Water for Beautiful Skin

You've been doing it wrong!

The yawn-worthy advice to drink more water to improve your skin does work—but only if done properly. That means adding salt to your routine and dramatically increasing your intake! Read on for details.

Water being poured into a glass

“”Drink more water” is probably the world’s most overstated skin care tip. There is no doubt there are drinking water skin benefits, but these are in every Top 10 Article and Supermodel Secrets Interview… inducing an eye roll every time.

Until now. Drinking more water can improve your skin quite dramatically. But it takes something different than the usual unhelpful and oversimplified ‘8 glasses a day‘ advice.

First Hand Experience:

All these experts and good looking people are always telling us that drinking more water is the key to great skin. But if it’s that simple, why doesn’t it work?

It’s Actually Not About Your Skin—Look Deeper!

Even if you drink more than the recommended 8 glasses a day, do you still get the headaches, sore muscles, low energy and foggy brain?

The usual supplements, improved diet, chiropractor, more exercise may help a little….

…but it’s obvious the mysterious underlying cause of those symptoms is still there.

Dehydration—Could it be that Simple?

Sometimes it’s the simple things – maybe the above symptoms could be attributed to dehydration?!

There is a little known book called Your Body’s Many Cries For Water… The author, Dr F. Batmanghelidj, claims that chronic dehydration is the cause for almost all problems and/or diseases.

Slightly quacky in certain parts…. the book presents the water argument in a totally different and interesting way.

Apparently I wasn’t just drinking too little, I wasn’t drinking it correctly (who would have thought?!)

I decided to take the two main points from the book (below) and try them. It was just water after all, and first hand experience is the only true way to tell if something works for you.

The results surprised me. And if you try it, you might be surprised too:

How to Really Drink Water: The Two Missing Points

1) You may need to increase your intake DRAMATICALLY

A recommended starting point is:

Half your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water daily. 

If you aren’t used to drinking anywhere near that amount of water, increase your intake slowly over a few days or weeks.

What I’ve found helps:

  • Have 2 full glasses first thing in the morning. The increase in energy and ‘wakefulness’ is almost instant. It has nearly eliminated my usual ‘need’ for coffee first thing (although I still have a cup later out of habit)
  • I carry a 750ml bottle of water everywhere and aim to refill it at least 4 times throughout the day. This is a simple way of keeping track how much I’m drinking.

2) Include daily intake of sea salt

“Water and salt (along with potassium) regulate the water content of the body. (Quote from WaterBenefitsHealth.com). So without adequate intake of salt, your body can’t use the water properly.

It will mostly end up being expelled, and flush out a lot of vital minerals and electrolytes with it.

Ahh so is this what is missing form the usual “drink more water” advice?

In his book Dr Batmanghelidj recommends 1/4 tsp of sea salt per 4-5 glasses of water.

This is what I do:

  • Before my morning water I put about 1/4 tsp of sea salt on my tongue and let it dissolve. Then drink the water—gross but it even feels more hydrating!
  • If I exercise that day, I will do the same afterwards
  • Sometimes, I may develop a slight headache which seems to indicate my body is low on salt or electrolytes. So I take another 1/4tsp. It always helps

While it doesn’t always add up to the recommended amount, I listen to my body and it works.

Drinking More Water: What I Noticed and What You Might Too

  • Almost instant energy increase
  • No more morning headaches or achy muscles
  • Clearer head and just feel better
  • Less hungry. It seems the old theory is true -often when you feel hunger it’s actually thirst

Drinking Water Skin Benefits:

As far as this website is concerned, the benefits for our skin is what matters!

  • Difference in my complexion: after a few days of increased water intake I definitely noticed an improvement. Skin looked tighter, firmer, more supple. And there was a definite “glow” (or simply looked well hydrated..)
  • Skin feels better—no more uncomfortable dryness, sensitivity, or bloated feeling

Experiment For Yourself

Try it out for yourself.

Give it at least 2 weeks. It took a few days for me to really notice an improvement, and they keep getting better.

You might be surprised at the difference these simple tweaks to your daily water intake make.

Not only to your skin, but your overall health and vitality!

(*This article is based on my experience and is intended for general information purposes. Please check with your doctor before increasing water intake or changing your lifestyle.)

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