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Natural & Home Remedies Anti Aging

5 Natural Skin Tightening Tips: instant results included!

Natural skin tightening is possible! The tips on this page show you exactly how, using simple principles about skin and health…

Natural skin tightening

A surgical face lift will certainly tighten your skin, but without the right self-care it will just look weird. So don’t worry, follow these tips and enjoy naturally younger-looking, tighter skin—skin that also feels better.

Natural Skin Tightening Tips

The last tip may not be completely natural, but it works so well we had to include it!

1. Your salt intake – makes a huge difference to your facial contours!

One of the most overlooked factors for natural skin tightening is your salt intake – there is no way you can have smooth “tight” skin if it is bloated.

Just like the thighs and/or stomach get obviously (and uncomfortably!) bloated with too much salt, so does your face.

If you want naturally tighter-looking cheekbones and chin contours – this is a remarkably simple step to take!

You may be surprised at the results:

  • The FDA recommends an upper limit of 2300 mg of sodium daily, although if you  don’t like to get particular about measurements just use common sense and assess your diet
  • Cut back on the simple things – make lower sodium choices where possible
  • Increase water intake to help flush out and balance the salt. At least 3 liters a day!
  • Increase your potassium intake, a mineral that helps balance sodium – bananas and tomatoes are great!
  • Try it for three days, again – you may be surprised at the results!
  • If you do eat a lot of salt, be prepared for frequent trips to the bathroom as your body releases water – but this won’t last forever!

2. The Skin Tightening 5 Minute Facial Massage

Side profile woman's chin and neck

This quick DIY facial massage is such a simple way to improve the appearance of skin.
It really can provide an obvious “lift” – although temporary, the more you do it the more benefits you will notice.

It helps to remove toxins and water retention from your skin, so you can enjoy tighter looking contours and a smoother appearance (by draining to the lymph nodes).

3. Sleep – so much more important than you might realize

Proper sleep is SO important for naturally tight, younger looking skin.

It really improves everything – wielding the power to make fine lines disappear and give you that coveted “glow”.

Do anything you can to get as much sleep as you can.

Nap, sleep in whenever possible, get massages, limit caffeine to the morning only, etc.

For really helpful (and different!) information regarding sleep check out this article.

4. Protein – Your Natural Skin Tightening Weapon

Ever noticed how much stronger your nails are if you are eating adequate amounts of protein?

It’s the same for your skin!

This is why “fasting” may help you lose weight quickly (which is mostly water weight), but can leave you looking “saggy” at the same time.

If you want tighter, healthier, firmer looking skin (and possibly lose weight!) concentrate on eating adequate protein!

  • Eat lean protein at every meal, and snack on foods like boiled eggs, protein shakes, chicken, etc
  • The more protein you eat, the fuller you will feel, which will also help you cut down on carbs (carbs hold a lot of water and cause bloating)
  • Protein is vital for tissue repair and building – tighter-looking and healthier skin! It really is an anti aging necessity.

5. The Instant Skin Tightening Coffee Mask!

Picture of coffee cup sitting on beans

It may not be strictly natural skin tightening – but this trick is SO worth it is has to be included!

This simple mask seriously works, thanks to the power of coffee’s diuretic properties (water draining).

Here is how to do it:

  • Use freshly used coffee grounds – this is a great mask to do in the morning just after your coffee 🙂
  • Mix about half a cup of grounds with yogurt or honey (this provides the “stick” needed so it stays on skin
  • Apply to skin, especially on the cheek area and under the chin
  • It is messy – put paper towels around your collar and make sure you do it in the bathroom!
  • Leave on for 15 – 20mins then rinse off (preferably in the shower, as again it is messy!)

Marvel at how much tighter and thinner your face looks! 

Using the simple but powerful natural skin tightening tips on this page gives you to the power to make a difference to your skin!

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