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Can Vaseline Under Eyes Reduce Wrinkles?

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Have you ever run out of eye cream? It’s panic inducing, we know. You can feel the skin getting drier by the second, the wrinkles forming, the bags forming… oh my!

Or maybe you just don’t like buying expensive skin care products in tiny bottles (we don’t blame you).

Fear not, because using Vaseline under eyes is a decent alternative to expensive eye creams. This article will go into details about how Vaseline can help reduce and prevent eye wrinkles, bags, and dry skin.

Find out how to use this cheap product effectively, and never panic about empty containers or crows feet again.

Vaseline is a Protectant: so use it to protect against wrinkles

Vaseline (the brand name) is petroleum jelly, developed as a safe protectant for skin. You can buy generic petroleum jelly products for even cheaper than the Vaseline brand.

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Should you use Vaseline for wrinkles under eyes?

The answer to this question is yes. Because fine lines and wrinkles develop easily in the eye area due to natural aging or dry skin, Vaseline acts as a cheap alternative or addition to your usual eye cream.

You can also use Aquaphor as it has a similar structure and also acts as a skin protectant. Both these products work by helping maintain skin moisture and protect skin from dehydrating environmental assaults.

You know how you can apply Vaseline to a healing scrap or cut to prevent a scar from forming? Same theory here: the Vaseline can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming by keeping skin soft and smooth.

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How to Use Vaseline Under Your Eyes

  1. After cleansing, apply your normal facial moisturizer
  2. Using your ring finger (which is unable to apply too much pressure) take a small amount of Vaseline and smear it gently under your eyes, concentrating on the area just above the orbital bone where fine lines tend to develop
  3. For best results, apply using gentle pressure inwards – towards your nose. This works because it is going against the “natural” direction of wrinkles, helping to smooth them out and prevent more from forming by stretching in the opposite direction
  4. Keep doing this gentle movement for several seconds. This will help soften skin and relax the area. This is important: tension in the under eye area is often what causes fine lines and wrinkles here in the first place
  5. You can do this morning and night.

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4 Specific Uses

1. A Day Time Anti-Wrinkle Primer

If you follow the above directions in the morning, perhaps with a lighter amount of product, you effectively have a wonderful makeup primer.

The Vaseline will soften and hydrate dry skin, allowing your concealer and/or foundation to glide on and not cake in wrinkles.

Remember, Vaseline is designed as a skin protectant, so using it as a primer helps keep your makeup smooth as the petroleum jelly prevents moisture loss.

Also dab a small amount on top of your makeup for extra protection and that healthy skin “glow”.

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2. A Heavy Night Eye Mask

Vaseline is a perfect night mask. Ever wake up looking like you aged 10yrs thanks to “sleep wrinkles”? Yes, us too.

Apply a generous amount to under eyes, concentrating on the relaxing massage moves to really relieve tension. You might be surprised at the difference in the morning! The Vaseline will help prevent moisture loss and soften your skin overnight.

Use it for a relaxing night time massage

The benefits to gently massaging your face before bed are immense. It is highly relaxing and soothing, and will help you sleep.

Try to become aware of how much tension you actually hold in this area, and you will see how beneficial it is to ease this tension away with some simple movements.

Simply apply some Vaseline and gently stroke under the eyes. Use small circles too. You can apply some more pressure right on the orbital bone and “drain” towards the temple. Feel the difference!

You might be surprised at how well you sleep and how this quick routine prevents sleep wrinkles.

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3. Use Vaseline Over Your Normal Eye Cream

Vaseline is great as a “sealing” layer on your skin. Apply some on top of a treatment serum or your usual eye cream, especially if these contain active ingredients like retinol or vitamin c.

The Vaseline will allow these products to stay on skin and penetrate deeper, and also help relieve the dryness that can sometimes be a side effect of retinol.

4. Can I Use Vaseline as an Eye Makeup Remover?

Yes! With one caveat – it is thick and can be difficult to remove. So here is the best way to use it to remove eye makeup:

  1. Do not wet your eyes before using, water and Vaseline don’t like each other (or more accurately, they repel each other and simply won’t mix)
  2. Apply a small amount to closed eyelid and gently massage along the lash line. You will start to look like a panda bear as the makeup beings to soften and lift from the skin
  3. Massage for several seconds, then remove with a small amount of normal eye makeup remover on a cotton pad
  4. Yes, unfortunately you will need some sort of remover that can lift off the oil. However – by using Vaseline first you are limiting the amount of drying product you need, ultimately keeping your eye area more hydrated and happy
  5. Some people remove the Vaseline with a dry tissue or cotton pad – this is fine to do but you may find it uncomfortable…

Another (good) option: remove your makeup as usual with your chosen product. Then use Vaseline to remove any residue. A small amount on a cotton bud (Q Tip) is perfect for removing that last remaining makeup (and is moisturizing at the same time).

Plus, this is a great way to soothe the area after using makeup remover. And it’s a super easy way to remove lipstick!

Does Vaseline Help with Bags??

There is no magic ingredient in Vaseline (or any product really) that will help cure bags. BUT, if you pat on and massage it into the eye area regularly it can help improve them.

By using strokes that go out towards your ears (opposite of above for wrinkles, which is towards the nose) you can help “drain” any fluid to the lymph nodes, reducing the appearance of bags.

Also, because Vaseline will help soften the skin, any concealer or foundation you use to cover bags or dark circles can go on easier. Just be sure to really blend the makeup into the skin.

*Bonus other uses: It can help heal dry patches on your body like the elbows, heels, lips, anywhere! Massage it into your cuticles. And applying a small amount to your lashes and brows is a great beauty tip—it keeps them healthy and shiny.

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