Facial Massage Techniques: the DIY Secret for Younger Looking Skin

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Lady with fingers on chin giving face massage

Simple facial massage techniques can give you an instant facelift! You will look more rested, improve the condition of your skin and make yourself feel better…

Don’t spend time and money seeing a professional – you can get much better results with a simple facial massage routine. With continued consistent use these moves will firm, clear and renew your skin.

Start including them in your routine today – easy, free, and just plain awesome!

Video on Simple Facial Massage Techniques:

The video below demonstrates the perfect daily routine and shows you the instant results – you can immediately see the lifting effect on her skin!

(Video credit to Fuzkittie)

Amazing right?

Once you’ve done these techniques a few times, they will become automatic.  You won’t have to think about them and can do them whenever you need a “lift”.

The Right Oils for your Facial Massage plus Important Tips:

The best time is after cleansing your skin at night. But a quick few moves in the morning can make you look more awake and “lifted” before you start the day.

No need for the lunchtime botox appointment when you have these techniques up your sleeve 🙂

Good oils for facial massage:

Coconut oil – great for acne and anti aging

Almond – great for all skins

Argan Oil – excellent anti aging benefits

Jojoba Oil – lighter than coconut, also good for acne and may be better for some skins

Don’t worry about washing the oil off – either leave it as is – or apply your usual moisturizer on top for extra hydration!

The Benefits Of Facial Massage Techniques

This is why it really pays to get into the facial massage habit. Combined with the right skin care, you can make a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin in a short amount of time:

  • Instant lifting and toning affect – and cumulative skin improvement
  • Lymphatic drainage – removes toxins and water retention which slims and tones your skin while making it healthier overall
  • Improves circulation – nutrients are delivered to the tissues and cells, improving color and tone
  • Relaxing – a lot of fine lines and wrinkles are the result of tension that you may not even realize you are carrying in your face, especially around your eyes. The moves release tension, and help you sleep!
  • Stimulates skin and revives a sluggish, dull complexion

Watch the video again to get the simple techinques down, and you will have an “instant facelift” secret weapon ready at your disposal!


4 thoughts on “Facial Massage Techniques: the DIY Secret for Younger Looking Skin”

  1. Hi there, I am a bit confused about the night time routine from reading around on your website – cleansing then exfoliant (as per your website), then oil and massage???, and retinol moisturiser..
    Would the oil block the pores after the exfoliant? Does the oil need to be done every day? Can the moisturiser be absorbed as effectively with the oil on?
    Many thanks, great site. Looking forward to trying your products.

    • Hi Jasmine, good question! As long as you’ve cleansed (and exfoliated if you wish) before the massage, and use clean hands there is no need to cleanse off the oil unless that is your preference. If you have an oilier skin type or find any type of oil blocks your pores, you may want to remove it.
      A drier skin can really benefit from leaving the oil on, especially because most of it will be absorbed during the massage. Retinol or another moisturizer is fine to be applied over top, and will still be absorbed.
      However, if you are concerned – you can cleanse, exfoliate, apply your retinol moisturizer then do the massage with oil (after a few minutes to let the moisturizer absorb). You would of course then leave the oil on, which can be very beneficial in the early stages of retinol as it can be drying.
      Hope this helps!

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