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3 Easy Face Lift Exercises You Can Do At Home

Facial exercises can “lift” your face with a few moves. Find out how to do this easy anti-aging trick below.

Lady with fingers holding her chin

This page has all the details about the only 3 face lift exercises that you need to do. These moves target the “big” areas and are like doing compound moves at the gym.

They save you time and give you better results! Forget the complicated 30 minute routines, and just follow this page.

Do Face Lift Exercises Work?

When you think of a face lift a scalpel might come to mind. If dramatic results are what you’re after, then perhaps surgery is indeed the best option…

BUT “non surgical” facial exercises can help lift areas, smooth contours, and prevent future sagging and wrinkles.

Plus, they have additional anti aging skin benefits – like increased blood flow and nourishment – so are well worth trying!

The Best QUICK Face Lift Exercise Moves:

Most face lift exercise courses or books have numerous “moves” to follow. Now, if you did all the moves consistently I am sure you would see results.

However, there are a select few that are most beneficial – they make the biggest difference to the most important areas with the least amount of time and effort.

Let’s exercise smarter.

Rosie Rivet saying We Can Do It

The Moves:

The three facial areas that are generally the most in need of a “lift” are the cheeks, forehead/eyebrows, and jawline.

Like the compound move the body squat –  strengthening these areas with the right moves becomes “inclusive” – any other little areas benefit as well (in other words, it will give a good lift to the whole face).

So, below you will find THREE – yes just three – of the best face lift exercises. One exercise for each area.

These quick videos are the holy grail of each area. I don’t take any credit for developing these specific moves. They are fairly intuitive once you start trying them, so you may even develop your own.

There’s some really important tips at the end of this page too, so don’t miss them!

IMPORTANT TIP: Want to see actual results? Do it until you feel the muscle (this is explained below).

Move #1: The Cheeks

This is Asha Bachanni’s cheek lift exercise, from Face Gym. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: after the mouth is opened there is no longer any scrunching around the eye area. This is really important! A danger with some exercises is they can make areas worseif not done properly.

Use a mirror at least for the first few times to make sure everything is smooth.

Move #2: The Forehead/Eyebrow

This is a quick video from an astrologer (Karen Lustrup)! It is good because it is short – the exercise is explained in the first 1 minute – and it is very simple.

Again – be careful of the unnecessary scrunching that she appears to have, especially on the nose.

Take your time with this – do it slow, and hold it until it aches (rather than the quick scrunch she demonstrates).

Your eyebrows will “stay up” instantly, and yes, if you do this consistently the area will continue to improve!

Move #3: The Jawline and Mouth

The best is always saved for last!

The “grandfather of exercise” Jack Lalanne was teaching facial exercises way back in the days of black and white tv 🙂    In this video he demonstrates two perfect moves for the jaw and mouth (nasal labial folds).

Note how he mentions “don’t stretch your muscles or your skin” – your fingers are there for resistance, let the muscles do the work. You should definitely feel these ones!

Important Tips:

  • Again, your fingers/hands are there for resistance. Concentrate on the muscles/areas being worked, and let these actually do the work. You will know you’re doing it properly when you feel these areas only – and can usually see instant results
  • Ignore the recommended reps and sets…. do each exercise until you feel it (muscle fatigue). Don’t over do it – but you do need to work it.
  • Remember the quality of your skin has a significant role to play. If your skin is sagging, damaged, or otherwise unhealthy, then you really won’t see the benefits of these exercises. Combine these “workouts” with good skin care – skin care that helps to nourish and strengthen the cells and underlying structure
  • Facial massage also works in much the same way – it is feels nicer and has other benefits such as increasing blood flow and the use of oils or serums. See this page for those techniques (yes you can do both!)
  • Most importantly – enjoy!
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