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Almond Oil For Skin Care – 10 of the Best Tips for Using it

Almond oil for skin has numerous benefits…

In fact if there was only ONE product for you to use for the rest of your life… almond oil would be it!

This page has 10 of the best ways you can use it for beautiful skin:

Cheap and easy, a bottle of almond oil will last you a long time. You can find it in pharmacies, health stores, or online.

The best oil to use for therapeutic purposes is Sweet Almond Oil* because it is highly refined.

Almond oil is noncomedogenic so works very well on the face.

Because it’s non greasy it is quite comfortable even under makeup (just give it a few minutes to absorb).

Important (but obvious) note: Do not use this if you are allergic to nuts!

10 of the Best Almond Oil for Skin Tips:

  • High in Vitamin E, almond oil is an excellent emollient and lubricator for dry skin. Use it as a moisturizer at night, all over your body. For added nourishment, apply a thick moisturizer over top and wake up with incredibly soft skin
  • Used as a cleanser it helps balance oily skin.
  • For dry skin it prevents moisture loss because it breaks down and removes oils instead of stripping the skin of moisture/water (which is what dehydrated skin lacks) For dry body skin, massage a layer over your body before a shower to prevent too much moisture evaporating from your skin
  • After applying make up, dab a very small amount on cheekbones to get a beautiful ‘glow’ – for a dewy and healthy look
  • It prevents chapping, so use as a protective barrier. Apply a layer before heading outside in windy/cold conditions, before swimming, on hands before doing labor work etc
  • It has anti inflammatory properties so is good for helping calm eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and extremely dry skin conditions
  • Can be used as a make up remover at night – massage it straight onto dry skin and it will lift away all make up. Gentle enough to remove eye make up also, even waterproof mascara slides off easily with a gentle massage of almond oil
  • Massage it into cuticles daily, this helps nourish your nails keeps them tidy, adding a shine. Plus the massage action will cause them to grow strong and healthy.
  • Apply a very small amount to eyelashes (use a cotton tip) and eyebrows nightly, this will nourish, strengthen, and help them grow.
  • The perfect massage base oil. Use it alone* or mix 2 – 3 drops of a chosen essential oil for added benefits.


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