It’s time for skin care that isn’t just repeated nonsense or boring platitudes

Question: Are you tired of the over-shared, underwhelming soundbites floating around the skin care space? “Cleanse twice a day!”… earth shattering. Well, read on friend, and sign up for our newsletter below (it’s skin care for smart people).

It’s getting harder and harder to find critical, interesting, and useful skin care advice that is not either written to read like a high school science paper or is so unhelpful that if you took things personally you’d be insulted.

Well, our gorgeous and intelligent skin-care friend, you’re in the right place.

Here at Bona Fide Skin Care we aim to cut through the fluff and get real: by challenging common advice, utilizing the actual science, and going beyond simple, boring, tiresome tips.

So sign up for our newsletter below to join the discussion and get special updates (totally free, no spam, unsubscribe anytime). Join us in our quest to get great skin through… well, being real.

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