Too often in the skin care industry what really works is lost in a sea of “latest must have ingredients”, overly expensive products, and claims that don’t live up to the hype.

So how do you know what actually works? That my friend, is what Bona Fide Skin Care is all about – real results for real skin…

Advice and Products That Work. Simple.

I started this website in 2012 to share the knowledge I’d gained over the years working as a skin care therapist.

It was frustrating as a one-to-one beauty therapist having only a small window of time due to the time restraints of appointments. And product advice usually involved recommendations for whatever brand the spa stocked… So this website is my way to share advice on a large scale.

As this site has grown it’s expanded to include researched articles on all things skin care, expert interviews and our own line of products.

All with the aim of being a Number One skin care resource for YOU!

So thank you for visiting, and we hope to connect with you soon!


Katrina Fadda

Owner Bona Fide Skin Care


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