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Anti Aging Treatments & Products

11 Easy Tricks for an Instant Face Lift

Get an instant face lift with these simple tips and tricks. Some also give you long term anti-aging benefits when used frequently, so let’s get on with it!

Redheaded woman looking sideways

Surgical facelifts, botox, thread lifts, lasers… all these big-gun treatments have their place. But if you’re not ready to go under the knife or needle, try the non-surgical facelift tips on this page. You might be surprised just how easy it is to “lift” your face and improve your skin tone, texture, and glow!

11 Instant Face Lift Tricks

1. The Quick Instant Face Lift Massage

Woman doing facelift massage in a mirror

An instant face lift can be as simple as a few “massage” moves, which seriously lift whatever area you work on for a noticeable difference.  This also increases circulation so nutrients and blood flow to the skins surface is improved—which means healthier looking, glowing skin!

The 5 minute massage routine this page takes you through step by step. You can lift your eyebrows, cheeks, and define your jawline. Results can last for a few hours, but the more you do it the more your skin will improve permanently.

Go here for details (and a video)

2. Magic Tape: really is magic

Old fashioned (old Hollywood?) magic lifting tape is definitely as easy way to get an instant facelift. This is a true anti aging secret. These tapes work. They don’t blend entirely into skin but you can easily cover them with hair or even makeup.

The packet they come in provides great instructions for placement. Bonus? Lifting your face with tape can help you feel more awake—if you ever get that “heavy face” feeling, especially in the brow area, you will understand this. See magic tape here

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3. The Best “Facelift in a Jar” — OTC Cream

Jar of skin care cream

Can you get an instant facelift from a product? Yes—it is temporary, but the right product can work by tightening the skin to give a lift effect. An instant face lift product can work – by tightening the skin to provide a temporary “lift”.

These types of anti aging products also help smooth fine lines and puffiness. Follow the tips below to get the most out of them:

  • Skin should be clean and very dry before applying. Wait several seconds after drying your face to ensure all moisture is gone.
  • Apply it lying down! This way gravity helps to “set” your face in the right position (up). Apply it sparingly in an upward-out motion.
  • Wait about 10 minutes for the product to dry before applying other products or makeup.
  • Recommended product here

4. Fake a Lift with Make Up

The video below by Goss Makeup below explains an often overlooked point when using makeup to contour for a lift effect. Check it out (5min watch):