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11 Easy Tricks for an Instant Face Lift

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Get an instant face lift with these simple tricks. And some of these tips also give serious long term anti aging benefits…

11 Instant Face Lift Tricks

#1. The Quick Instant Face Lift Massage

An instant face lift can be as simple as a few “massage” moves. These can seriously lift the area for a noticeable difference.

A bonus is the increase in circulation and nourishment to skin – especially if you use a good oil like jojoba, almond oil or your favorite serum.

Details on DIY facial massage moves here.

2. Magic Tape – really is magic!

Using magic tape is like the old fashioned (Old Hollywood?) way of getting an instant face lift.

But it works! These lifting tapes are easy to use plus they are easy to remove.

3. The Instant Face Lift Product – Cream

An instant face lift product can work – by tightening the skin to provide a temporary “lift”.

To get the most out of any product claiming to do this, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Skin should be clean and very dry before applying. Wait several seconds after drying your face to ensure all moisture is gone
  • Apply it lying down – this way you let gravity help “set” your face in the right position
  • Wait about 10minutes for it to dry before applying any other product

4. Fake a Lift with Make Up – the right way

The video below explains an important point that is ofter overlooked when using contouring make for a lift effect.

The placement of the shades is sooo important!

5.  Your Hairstyle!

Your hairstyle has the power to give the illusion of a lifted appearance, it even has the power to actually lift your face (via the scalp, which is a little painful!).

Hairstyles that give the face lift illusion:

  • A ponytail that follows the jaw line and swepts upwards. It should be secured on the crown of your head – in line with your jaw. This also elongates the neck.
  • Sometimes it is the little hairs at the side of your face that make the big difference. If you have these fluffy “baby” hairs, simply using gel to secure them upwards or neaten them can provide structure and polish to your face that helps smooth its appearance.

The hairstyle that actually lifts your face:

  • This version of the ponytail is tight, so you may want to use it only on special occasions!
  • Lean backwards as you gather your hair at the crown, brushing upwards from the sides (not backwards)
  • The tie should be at the crown of your head, gathering the sides as tight as possible.
  • Aim to create a pull on the sides of your face above your ears.

6. The Instant Face Lift Egg White Mask

When this egg white mask dries it tightens and lifts your skin. In fact, it is so successful at this you may not be able to leave it on for longer than 10minutes.

The good news is even after rinsing it will still have some lifting effect:

  • Whip up one egg white with a squeeze of lemon juice (fresh or from a container – it doesn’t matter)
  • Apply to your face with a cotton ball to avoid mess
  • Use upwards strokes – be conscious of holding your face in an upward position as you do so
  • Allow to dry and tighten

It will dry white and is usually too tight to leave on. But if you rinse lightly with water you will still notice a lifting effect. Follow with moisturizer and your usual routine.

7. Posture Tricks

Getting an instant face lift can be as simple as some posture tricks. It is a good idea to practice these until they are natural.

  • Keep your chin slightly lifted and forward at all times. Imagine a gap under your chin
  • Become aware of your eyebrows. Do they feel heavy or weigh down? Keep them lifted slightly (ensure your forehead is still smooth)
  • Take a deep breath, hunch your shoulders high them relax them. Shoulders should be back and down naturally
  • Use your stomach muscles to hold yourself up – tighten your core and stand/sit straight. Once you get used to this it is easy, and can make a remarkable difference to your appearance and energy
  • If your face tends to “droop” naturally, try holding a slight smile all the time. Once this becomes a habit it can become your new “resting” face which will make a big difference to how you look and feel!

8. Galvanic Machine – good for your skin, excellent for your appearance!

This is one instant face lift tip that also has real long term benefits. Galvanic current stimulates and penetrates skin into the deeper layers – which no topical product can do.

The NuFace* is one of the best avaiable for home use. A real advantage of owning your own machine* is you can do a quick routine each day for an instant face lift!

9. Sweat to Release Water Retention

Sometimes water retention is to blame for a bloated, loose, or otherwise “droopy” appearance. Best way to get rid of it fast? Sweat. Due to the movement needed to actually sweat you also get the bonus of increased circulation and breathing.

Other water retention-releasing tips:

  • A dramatic increase in drinking water
  • Concentrate on eating protein – adequate protein intake keeps you satiated so you don’t overeat, and has little water content
  • See the instant coffee mask below to quickly fix a bloated face

10. Coffee Mask

This mask instantly slims your face, tightens contours, and really makes you look younger and refreshed:

  • Combine 2 tablespoons freshly brewed coffee grinds with enough honey or yoghurt to make a paste
  • Apply to clean skin concentrating on the cheeks and under the chin
  • Leave for 15 – 20 mins and rinse (in the shower is less messy!)

You will notice a difference with this one!

11. Loosen Neck, Shoulder and Chest Muscles

This is always overlooked and so important! Tight neck, chest and shoulder muscles pull your face downwards. Everything is connected!

  • Get a regular massage, do light stretches daily, or do self massage to keep these areas loose and relaxed
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