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How to Use Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Olive Oil for Dry Skin

How to use olive oil for dry skin: a natural nourishing mask, a beautiful massage oil, or a skin protectant—this oil does it all…

If you have dry skin, or simply want softer skin in general, follow the tips on this page!

What type of Olive Oil should you use for skin?

If you have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen cupboard you may want to keep it for cooking…

For your skin – “normal” olive oil is fine (and cheaper).

The main benefit of extra virgin is increased aroma and flavor – something which you may actually want to avoid on your skin!

Bottom line on olive oil type:

The choice is really up to you – such a small amount is needed for skin benefits that if you do want to use some from a bottle you already have, go ahead!

Olive Oil for Dry Skin – 5 Best Uses:

1. A Hydrating, Anti Aging Facial Massage

This works wonders for two reasons:

  • DIY facial massage is good for everything and especially anti aging – it increases circulation for healthy blood flow and stimulates skin
  • Using olive oil as a massage oil for dry skin is perfect as your skin will absorb what it needs and leave a protecting, hydrating layer after you rinse it off (easiest way to remove is to use a warm wash cloth)

Apply a very small amount of olive oil to your skin in the evening after cleansing, and massage for a few minutes (see an easy quick routine on this page).

2. Create a Nourishing Olive Oil Mask

A twice weekly mask that includes olive oil is a luxurious natural treatment cure for dry skin.

3 best options:

  • Mix it with coconut oil and apply a generous layer – this is ultra hydrating
  • Mix it with natural yoghurt for an exfoliating and hydrating mask (This is great for dry skin which usually needs exfoliation)
  • Mix it with freshly ground coffee beans and honey – the coffee reduces water retention to make your face look slimmer, the honey is nourishing and has antibacterial properties, and the olive oil hydrates your skin!

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3. Add Olive Oil to your Moisturizer/Use it as a Serum

Sometimes even “dry skin” moisturizers aren’t enough to provide hydration for extra dry skin.

Adding a small amount of olive oil to your normal moisturizer/cream is such an easy way to increase its effectiveness.

This may not be suitable for everyday as olive oil can clog skin if used too much or too often – so use it as a dry skin treatment two or three times a week.

4. All Over Body Oil

Olive oil for dry skin on the body is amazing! And can be used daily!

Massage it all over before a bath or shower – this will prevent the water from stripping moisture from your skin.

– Plus the heat of the water will allow your skin to absorb the oil –

This works better than any store bought moisturizing cream – body skin is generally drier and harder to look after. Olive oil is an easy way to keep your skin smooth.

5. Eat It!

The Italians know the secret (like Sophia Loren…) – olive oil hydrates, plumps, increases youthfulness.

It is a good fat that helps you feel satiated, and is full of anti oxidants (especially Vitamin E) to strengthen skin from within.

An easy way to get it in your diet is a teaspoon in salad, beautiful fresh olives, or drizzle some over your morning toast!

You can’t go wrong with olive oil for dry skin. Enjoy!

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