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How to Cleanse Skin

Simple tips that make all the difference

How To Cleanse Skin

If you cleanse skin properly, it has the power to keep pores clear, rebalance skin, and set the stage for following products to do their work.

If you’re doing everything right but still not getting the clear skin you want, you might be surprised at what a difference a few tips and tweaks can make.

An Easy, Step By Step Process To Follow:

1. If you use a foaming cleanser, lather it up well in your hands before applying to face. By lathering it well first, you ensure the suds will dissolve oil/grime properly

2. Use warm water – hot can cause flushing and broken capillaries, while cold closes pores and makes cleansing less effective.

3. Spend at least 30 seconds massaging your product in with small, fast finger tip circles. Count this in your head – you’ll be surprised by how long it actually is!

4. Concentrate on oily or congested areas such as nose corners, forehead or chin – where annoying blackheads are most common. And don’t forget your temples and hairline!

5. Make sure cleanser is thoroughly removed. Splash face a number of times, fast but gently- more than you think is necessary. If you use a cream or oil cleanser you might like to follow with a clean wet face cloth to ensure thorough removal.

6. Face should feel clean, refreshed and can feel slightly tight. However, if it’s uncomfortably tight, sore or red, then the cleanser is too harsh for your skin.

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How To Cleanse Skin – Small Tips That Make A BIG Difference:

  • Cleanse twice a day, always

Some people recommend only cleansing at night – to ‘wash off the day’ – and only a splash of water necessary in the morning. Don’t do it!

Cleansing in the morning is just as important. Why? We sweat at night, we toss and turn on our pillows (and I certainly don’t wash my pillowcase every single day!), and our skin naturally secretes more oils during sleep.

So, a thorough wash in the morning is important, giving you a ‘clean slate’, a fresh start. Plus, your daily moisturizer will be absorbed better and your make up will last longer.

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  • ALWAYS cleanse before exercising!

This is actually a very simple tip that is often overlooked. But not washing your face before exercise can be a significant cause of pimples and bad skin.

The sweat from exercise is a very good way to clear pores – but only if there isn’t a layer of old make up, grime and sunscreen ready to be absorbed as they open up.

Trust me – this is a simple tip that can make a HUGE difference.

(This might mean you are cleansing 3 times a day – that is ok, if your skin is clean before you exercise the following wash needs only be light and will be very effective).

  • A double cleanse is sometimes a good idea

Just like a double shampoo can be beneficial if you have a lot of product build up in your hair…  A double cleanse works the same.

If you live in a hot or humid environment, wear a lot of make up, reapply sunscreen or just feel that one cleanse isn’t enough, repeat!

Make the first cleanse a fast one to get the initial grime off, then take your time with the 2nd, more thorough wash (see the steps above).

While this isn’t recommended for everyone, if you feel the need it can be the difference between a clear complexion and blocked pores.

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