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The Best Night Skin Care Routine

A few simple tweaks to your night skin care routine can make a big difference. Whether you have acne-prone, dry or aging skin, this page has specific tips to take your skin care results up a notch!

The quality of your sleep is vital for a number of reasons,but we’re more interested in the active things you can do for your skin to make the most of your slumber.

Night time is important in skin care because:

  • Unlike day time, there is no addition of make up, sunscreen, grime and pollution to counteract active products and block pores
  • Skin repairs itself at night so it makes sense to use active products and a couple of good techniques to help this process
  • Basically – Night time is about repairing and rebuilding
  • Daytime is about protecting

Night Skin Care Routine Tips For Your Main Concern:

(or apply them all if you have more than one!):

  • Dry & Dehydrated Skin
  • Acne, Oily & Breakout Prone
  • Anti Aging/Mature

1. Dry Dehydrated Skin:

Add the following into your routine to hydrate, rebalance and rebuild dry skin:

Hands holding up a dry skin sign

1) After cleansing, give your face a gentle massage. Argan oil, Vitamin E or Hyalourinc Acid are good for this.

Work from the middle of your face outwards using your fingertips in small circles.

This helps stimulate waste removal and increase oxygen production which nourishes and strengthens cells.

2)glycolic acid exfoliator every night (or every 2nd depending on your sensitivity) will increase cell turnover resulting in stronger, more balanced skin.

It will also remove dry patches and brighten your complexion by morning – while the results are cumulative your skin will keep getting better.

Apply this after your massage.

3) BEST addition for dry skin – invest in a humidifier*!

Especially if you use heaters or air conditioners. I’ve recently started using one in my bedroom and finally my lips seem to have stopped chapping.

  • This is a simple addition but has a lot of benefits, not just for skin!

They are good value on Amazon* – and well worth trying.

4) A surprising and very simple tip for severely dry skin is to apply a layer of vaseline over your moisturizer at night.

This prevents moisture from evaporating from your cells and lubricates the top layer of skin. Sometimes doing this for a few nights in a row can greatly improve hydration.

2. Acne, Oily & Breakout Prone:

Night time for acne and oily skin is about keeping pores clear with active exfoliation, allowing it to ‘breathe’ and rebalancing oil production:

1) Do a double cleanse in the evening – The first will remove surface grime, make up and oil.

The second will actually clean your skin and remove bacteria. Cleanse for at least 30seconds (more tips here)

2) At least every 3rd night, steam your face – This opens pores and allows a deep cleanse.

Cleanse your skin. Hold your head over a bowl of steaming water for 15mins. Place a towel over your head like a ‘tent’ (but be sure you have a breathing hole!)

Splash your face with cold water and continue with the rest of your routine.

3) Use a product with salicylic acid – This active ingredient dissolves oil and dead skin cells, providing an even exfoliation. Consistent use can help prevent and treat acne.

4) Use a clean pillow case every night – Often an acne condition can be improved by simple hygiene steps – and this is one that is easy to do (especially if you use a lot of products in your hair!)

5) For specific pimples apply a clay mask over night. This can greatly reduce their appearance, if not make them completely disappear!

3. (Anti) Aging Mature Skin – The Best Night Skin Care Routine:

1)After cleansing do a quick facial massage – This stimulates oxygen flow and waste removal, and with the right techniques can have a face lift effect.

You don’t need a 15minute massage in a professional facial for results – a simple 5minute routine each night at home will surprise you.

Below is the best video I’ve found for technique – you can actually see the difference in her face (Fuzkittie is the creator, full credit).

Results are instant, but with nightly use they are cumulative.

Try it now – trust me!

2) Another surprising but simple addition that will reduce fine lines and improve hydration is a humidifier in your bedroom at night.

Dehydration leads to dullness, dry lines and sagging.

Particularly if you use heating or air conditioning at night, a humidifier has benefits that go beyond skin.

3) Use a good glycolic acid product at night time – Consistent use of this active ingredient increases cell turnover, evens tone, reduces pigmentation and plumps skin. It’s one of the best options for anti aging.

4) Follow with a Retinol Cream – One of the most effective anti aging ingredients, this will strengthen your skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

5) Another easy addition to your night skin care routine is to use a silk pillow case. Less friction and irritation means your skin stays softer and smoother. It just feels good too…

Night time is important for your skin for a number of reasons, and with these simple tips you can really make the most of sleep time…

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