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Peppermint Oil for Lips

How to plump up your pout with with this cool treat

You can use peppermint oil for lips to enhance “plumpness” and color. This beautiful smelling natural oil is Nature’s own beauty secret. See exactly how to use it for best results in this article.

Peppermint oil for lips

Ah peppermint — fresh, minty, cool. And… beautifying??

Below is how to use peppermint oil safely and successfully to enhance and plumpen your pout.

How Does Peppermint Oil Plump Lips?

Simple. How do you “plump” your lips in the first place? By increasing blood flow.

Increased blood flow/circulation to your lips fills the blood capillaries and thus swells your lips. In effect, increasing blood flow enhances your natural lip size.

Ok, so what does peppermint oil have to do with it? Peppermint oil acts as a stimulant to increase this blood flow — thanks to its main component menthol. This causes the blood capillaries to widen = more blood can flow through.

Oh and this not only plumps your lips, but also increases their natural red color. The reason why bigger, redder lips look better is because these are signs of health — healthy blood flow, means healthy person, means good potential for successful procreation (!)

Cool — so let’s see how to actually use it properly for best results.

How to Use Peppermint Oil for Lips:

Caution: applying pure straight essential oil—of any kind—to skin can cause burning or irritation. So do use caution.

Option 1. Straight up

Simply dab a small amount of pure peppermint oil to your lips…

Caution: be sure to start with a very small amount. And if you have any concerns use option 2 below.

Option 2. Create your own lip balm

This is a safer option in terms of possible irritation. But the tradeoff is it may not be as effective so you might like to experiment.

Simply mix a drop of peppermint oil into a carrier — Vaseline works well for the lips because it’s easy to apply.

Or just add some to your normal lip balm. If it’s a solid stick you can rub some on the back of your hand, mix in a small amount of peppermint oil with your fingertip, then apply.

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Increase the effects of your natural lip plumper by also adding cinnamon oil and possibly a tiny amount of cayenne pepper.

Be cautious of this — it works by irritating your lips so don’t use more than a very small amount.

Once you’ve mixed it apply a tiny amount being careful not to go beyond your lip line, or you’ll have to deal with a red, swollen and possibly painful mouth for a while.

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Extra Tip:

Before trying any of the above exfoliate your lips. You can use a warm wash cloth and gently massage, or use a gentle scrub.

This has a natural plumping effect because of the aggravation, and allows any following applications to really hit where they will work (i.e. your actual lips, rather than getting sidetracked by a barrier of dead skin cells and left over products).

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