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Hereditary Dark Circles Under Eyes

5 Ways to Improve Their Appearance

Hereditary dark circles under eyes

You sleep ten hours a night, drink gallons of water, apply All The Eye Creams… and your eyes are still surrounded by spherical shadows?

Hereditary dark circles under eyes are difficult because, well, they’re inherited and therefore aren’t caused by something you can control (like lack of sleep).

But it isn’t impossible to improve their appearance—this article will show you how.

Are the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Hereditary?

Ahh genetics. They can be so good and so annoying at the same time.

If you have hereditary under eye circles you’ve probably noticed them since a young age—they aren’t caused by aging or other skin concerns (but these things can make them more obvious for reasons discussed below).

Why? How? What are they?!

Hereditary dark circles usually appear because of an inherited thinner skin in the under eye area. This makes the blood vessels underneath more visible (and blood under the skin looks blue or black—think veins).

Your dark circles may look like a blue vein around the eye, visible through the skin.

It can also be from an inherited amount of pigmentation in the area. But whatever the cause, there are steps you can take to improve dark hereditary under eye circles.

How to Improve Hereditary Dark Circles Under Eyes: 5 Ways

The way to improve hereditary dark circles is to improve the skin under your eyes—usually by topical treatments.

Of course, you can take the usual steps of adequate sleep, plenty of water, and a healthy diet to prevent darker circles, but those steps can only do so much when genetics are involved.

One: A Good Eye Cream with Vitamin K

Vitamin K applied topically in a good eye cream can help to heal and strengthen skin and thus make under eye circles less noticeable.

Remember, hereditary dark circles are usually due to the blood vessels being visible under the skin, so if you can improve the skin, you can reduce the darkness.

See details about vitamin K for under eye circles here

Two: Lightening and Brightening Treatments

Vitamin C applied topically works to brighten skin and provides antioxidant protection.

Use a vitamin C eye cream or serum in the morning, and at night use a retinol cream. Retinol (vitamin A) works to improve skin cell turnover and is very effective at lightening skin and improving thickness.

These two products can be the dream team for skin.

Three: Surgery/Office Treatments for Genetic Dark Circles

Plastic surgeons have options to improve hereditary dark circles. These may range from recommended topical products (such as the vitamin C and retinol above) to fillers and laser treatments.

If the dark circles under your eyes bother you and DIY treatments don’t help, you might consider consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Four: Instant Dark Circle Reduction

If you want a quick, easy treatment try gently massaging eye cubes under your eyes. Wet them slightly to help them glide around your skin and prevent “ice burn.”

The effect is temporary but can work really well before an event. Ice also helps reduce inflammation, so will improve any puffiness or redness at the same time.

Five: Conceal and Camouflage

This is not meant to underplay the annoyance of dark circles simply by “covering them up.” Hereditary dark circles in particular can be difficult to cover with concealer or makeup.

But, makeup can still improve their appearance. See the video below by Wayne Goss, the magical make up artist, on how to cover “extreme” under eye darkness.

Quick video on covering dark under eye circles:

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