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How to Get Plumper Lips: Naturally

One way to enhance your natural beauty is to maximize the size of your lips. Plumper lips are associated with youth, health and sex appeal. This page has all the ways you can make the most of this feature—without injections!

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How to Get Plumper Lips

There are several ways to plump up your lips without injections. The most successful tips increase blood flow which naturally increases size. And because blood flow is healthy, with extra blood flow you look extra beautiful!

The list below has easy daily steps plus more specific treatments that can give you noticeable, instant results. Combine all or some of them for a full-on lip makeover. Enjoy!

First: Exfoliation, Chapsticks & Lip Balms

Before doing anything, remember how important hydration is to your lips (and skin). There is no point in using any of the lip plumping tips below if your lips are dry. Dry is associated with shriveled, and shriveled is the last thing you want associated with your lips.

The two steps to keep your lips smooth and moisturized:

  1. Gentle exfoliation daily: the easiest way to exfoliate lips is to use a warm wash cloth in the shower to gentle massage your lips. Or, mix up some sugar and olive or buy a specific lip exfoliator. Whatever, just do it consistently.
  2. Keep them hydrated and protected: something as simple as Vaseline is good for lips, however chapsticks and lip balms usually carry more lip-loving ingredients.

What About Lip Plumper “Tools”?

Perhaps we can thank Kylie Jenner for starting the lip plumper craze. While some of us might remember the disastrous swollen and bruised lips from over-zealous suction via bottle caps, this does work.

You can purchase cheap effective silicone lip plumpers that work via suction. This brings blood flow to the area and creates a temporary plumping effect. This effect can last a few hours, so it is perfect to do before a date—or every morning after brushing your teeth!

Natural Lip Plumper: Peppermint Oil

Ever applied peppermint oil to your skin and noticed the cool tingling? Or simply, the freshness that comes from chewing a peppermint candy?

Peppermint oil for lips work because it stimulates blood flow to your lips to increase their size and color. Cinnamon oil also works in the same way.

Fix Your Teeth to Enhance Your Smile

Straightening your teeth and “widening” your smile can have a subtle but natural plumping effect for your lips. It will also support your cheeks and fill out the lower part of your face, which may save you from fillers or a facelift.

See this article.

How to Get Plumper Lips with Castor Oil

Massage castor oil into your lips every night before bed. This will not only keep your lips and the surrounding skin smooth, the massage action will stimulate blood flow while the castor oil will help improve hydration. The works well as an overnight lip plumper regime.

Homemade Cayenne Pepper Lip Plumper

This one is spicy, but it works! For a super simple at-home lip plumper with instant results, do the following:

  • In a small dish or empty cosmetic container, add a dab of Vaseline or plain lip balm
  • Add a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper and mix (use a spatula—trust us when we say you don’t want this all over your fingertips!)
  • Then, massage gently onto lips
  • Keep it to your lips only, this can be irritating to the surrounding skin

*Important: start small. You can add a few more flecks of cayenne pepper if needed, but you can’t take them out once you’ve applied it to your lips. Use caution, the goal is to plump up your lips, not make them red, swollen and painful!

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