The Overnight Home Pimple Remedy
Easy, Simple, Effective!

The Overnight Home Pimple Remedy

An overnight home pimple remedy - that works - using just a couple of simple ingredients? 


Exactly how to use this simple treatment below...

Nothing will make a pimple disappear completely, but this treatment will dry out it significantly and lessen its impact - so you can knock days off its lifespan!

It takes away the inflammation so redness and swelling is greatly reduced, and you can cover up what's left with concealer.

Less painful and far less obvious - that's what really matters right?!

The Magic Overnight Home Pimple Remedy

Lemon juice and baking soda

Yes, that's all. Two ingredients that are most likely found in your kitchen.

So How Does It Work?

  • Put about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda into the palm of your hand
  • Squeeze enough lemon juice onto it to form a fairly thick paste - it will sizzle and bubble for a few seconds then calm down
  • Apply the paste to your pimple (it might sting a little for a few seconds) 
  • You want a nice thick covering but try to keep it confined to the pimple's area, to avoid irritating the surrounding skin
  • Once it dries after several seconds, it will look like a white mask stuck to your skin
  • Keep it on for minimum 30mins, the longer the better



It is the 'Overnight Home Pimple Remedy', and overnight is perfect if you can do it, but it will work very well after only 30mins.

(Note: leaving it on for longer may have too much of a drying effect depending on your skin - so monitor it and if it continues to sting or starts to look too red, wash it off with cool water).

Other Uses:

This remedy also works well as a mask on any areas where you have infected ingrown hairs.

Leave it on for as long as possible.

>> The baking soda and lemon juice work together to reduce inflammation and 'eat' away at the spot.

>> The baking soda will neutralize a lot of the acid in the lemon so it's not too harsh, and while this reaction is taking place on the pimple it helps to dry and draw it out.

What To Do Afterwards

  • Remove the paste, first by just brushing it off with your (clean) fingers or a tissue
  • Splash some cool water on the area to remove the excess paste
  • Many times at this stage it will be nearly gone. Rub on a bit of vaseline (which helps with healing), you can then put a bit of concealer on if need be
  • It may be so dried out that you can 'flake' off the top by using a wash cloth, then same as above - apply a bit of vaseline to add in healing
  • At other times this will have drawn the pimple to a head, so you can now easily, successfully (and gently) squeeze it

Use this overnight pimple remedy whenever you need to get rid of one quickly.

It is simple, effective and natural!


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