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How to Get Rid of a Recurring Pimple—for Good

Do you have a recurring pimple problem? A pesky zit that keeps turning up in the exact same place can drive you crazy. Find out exactly how to deal with it on this page…

Girl looking at recurring pimple in mirror

Recurring pimples can be treated in the same way as a normal pimple… but there are a few extra steps to take in order to stop them from coming back.

This page details why a certain spot might recur on your face, and how to finally get rid of it.

Why do You Get a Pimple in the Same Place?

You may have a “stress” area – a certain area on your face where whenever your immune system is compromised from stress or illness, a pimple occurs. It may also be related to hormones.

Often women will break out in the exact same area like clockwork around the menstrual cycle.

But why the particular pore? That pore may be damaged – from picking or squeezing the past or a “natural” weakness in the pores walls. This pore is unable to keep oil and infection out as easily, and inflammation happens frequently.

A Deep, Underlying Infection?

Sometimes, a recurring pimple happens because there is inflammation still very deep within the skin.

While the surface may disappear temporarily, it is still there under the surface.

If you have a spot that occurs 2 – 3 or more times a month, see a dermatologist who can make sure it isn’t a boil or deep cyst. 

How To Get Rid Of A Recurring Pimple

Don’t be tempted to squeeze these suckers.

While it isn’t always bad to squeeze certain pimples, the persistent ones require a different approach.

Not only do you want to be rid of them, but be rid of them for good.

Basic Steps

First of all, deal with the inflammation (at the end of the day, inflammation is what acne is all about:

  • Hold ice against the area for 5mins on, 5mins off at for at least 30mins. Repeat this as often as you can
  • Apply a clay mask to the area – this detoxifies skin, reduces inflammation significantly, dissolves oil and unclogs pores

4 Steps to Stop a Recurring Pimple

1. As mentioned above, if you have a spot that recurs more than 2 – 3 times a month, see a dermatologist as it may be a boil or a cyst.

They can inject cortisone into the inflammation (sounds painful but it is very beneficial and will help)

2. Keep the pore clear and healthy by continuously dissolving oil and dead skin cells salicylic acid is the best way to prevent pimples and keep skin healthy

3. If it erupts around your menstrual cycle note in a journal when it begins to form, and after a couple of months you will see a pattern.

Take steps like cutting back on sugar and salt, increasing sleep and controlling stress at this time of the month.

4. Control the simple things. Keep your phone clean by wiping it frequently with antibacterial wipes, use a clean pillow case and keep your hands away from your face. These can make a surprising difference in preventing a pimple from forming

Is it a Bad One??

If you have any doubts or are just fed up with dealing with the same zit time and time again, see a dermatologist who can help you to zap it once and for all.

Don’t put up with a recurring pimple, particularly if it is painful and very frequent. Your body is trying to tell you something!

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