Nose Blackheads: How to Clear Up This Stubborn Area

Nose blackheads are usually numerous, obvious and stubborn. Those crevices make the area more prone to getting clogged, and harder to treat.

Thankfully, you can get rid of them successfully – it just takes some important points and tips. This page will show you how:

Nose Blackheads: Why Are They SO Hard to Get Rid Of??

nose blackheads

Your nose crevices collect oil and dead skin cells, making it an easy place for blackheads to form.

Oil (sebum) and dead skin cells make a sticky plug in the pore that turns black when exposed to air –  blackheads can be treated successfully if you know how:

Here is how to attack NOSE blackheads specifically, in two important steps:

  1. Prevent: Deal with the oil and dead skin cells – do not let them accumulate and create the plug!
  2. Treat: Consistently treat existing blackheads so they become less noticeable instantly and disappear in the long term.

Remember not all blackheads can disappear, but they can shrink and you can keep the pores clear – making a huge difference to your skin.

It requires consistent treatment.

All the how-to steps, tips and tricks are below!

How To Treat Blackheads On Your Nose

1. Use Glycolic Acid to dissolve oil and dead skin cells:

Glycolic acid dissolves dead skin cells and the “glue” that holds them together.

This works to prevent blackheads by keeping your skin clear, while lessening the ones that are there already.

With consistent use it can make a remarkable difference to the appearance of blackheads.

Using a liquid product with a cotton ball is a good idea, as you can ensure it gets into those nose crevices (an area of your face which can be neglected, unintentionally!)

2. A trick to help blackheads disappear instantly:

This is an emergency trick as it shouldn’t be used all the time. If you have very oily skin this is recommended.

If in the morning you wake up and the blackheads are extra noticeable, its usually due to excess oil. What to do??

  • Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. This absorbs the oil, including that on the “top” of the blackheads, which will lessen their appearance.

Allow it to dry, then apply concealer if you want.

The drying effect of the alcohol will help keep oil production low for the day – but remember this is emergency use only as it will dry out skin!

3. Use a clay mask to help blackheads disappear

Use a clay mask with zinc to absorb oil, reduce pore size, and rebalance skin.

  • thin layer at night works wonders as a overnight blackhead treatment (use your glycolic acid product then apply the clay mask just over your nose at night)
  • very thin layer over the nose before applying concealer (should be barely noticeable) in the morning can help smooth out pores and treat them all day! This is a great way to improve your skins appearance while treating it right! 

4. A blackhead extractor tool makes getting rid of nose blackheads so much easier

Squeezing blackheads is totally fine, and is sometimes the only way to get rid of them – but only extract those that are “ready”. These are the ones that look loose and are particularly obvious.

A blackhead extractor tool is a must for nose blackheads, as it is so hard to squeeze those sides! These cheap tools help to get into the crevices of your nose, without the damage that can happen if you try to squeeze with your fingers.

See the details about how to use a blackhead extractor here.


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