How To Cure A Pimple Overnight
- The Two Easy Steps That Make A Big Difference -

Cure a pimple overnight

Need to cure a pimple overnight? 

The steps on this page can significantly lessen the impact of a pimple. 

It may not entirely disappear but if you can decrease the inflammation you can stop it from getting any worse...

Then the next day all it takes is a bit of concealer - and you get the confidence of clear skin!

Here are the 2 easy steps to cure a pimple overnight:

Two Steps To Cure A Pimple Overnight


We are going to tackle the inflammation (swelling, redness and pain) that makes the pimple so obvious and hard to cover up.


We will help speed up healing by 'eating' the blockage overnight - this will further help reduce the inflammation and clear that pore!

Step 1: Ice

Whether you notice that pimple forming early in the afternoon, or right before bedtime, it's important to take the time to do this step

It can truly make a big difference:

  • Cleanse your skin
  • Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel or tissue and hold it to the spot for 5minutes on, 5minutes off
  • Do this 2 - 3 times (20 - 30 minutes total) the longer you can do it, the better

You should be able to see a difference in redness and swelling immediately.

If there is any pain this step will help reduce it.

Don't skip it, it seems so simple but is extremely effective.



Step 2: Deal with the blockage

This step helps to dissolve the dead skin cells and oil that are blocking the pore, reduce the bacteria, and further reduce the inflammation:

  • Apply a bit of clay mask directly to the spot
  • You only need a small amount but be sure to cover the entire area of the spot (the perimeter!)
  • Leave it on overnight... 

The clay helps to draw out impurities and is a great anti-inflammatory.

For even better results, use one with added pimple zappers like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, zinc oxide and sulphur.

This powerful combination will ensure that pimple doesn't have a chance! 

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In The Morning...

Will you wake up with flawless skin? 

Unfortunately no...

...but the above steps will reduce that pimple enough to make it very easy to cover up with a bit of concealer/powder.

Because the inflammation will be reduced you will barely notice it - and neither will others.

You can just get on with your day. 

That confidence is important!

If it was a fairly small pimple to begin with though - you may find it has almost disappeared entirely! Next important tip...

Should You Squeeze The Pimple?

It is only a good idea to squeeze a pimple if it has no inflammation at all - a pure "whitehead".

Then a proper squeeze can help to move it along. 

However if you are concerned about making it disappear overnight - it is best to stay away from the squeeze because it is so easy to make things worse.

A bit of patience and the steps above are a far better idea.

Extra Tips To Help You Cure A Pimple Overnight

  • If you've caught it early in the afternoon or evening (sometimes you can just feel it forming) increase your water intake
  • This will help flush out toxins and reduce inflammation in your skin, improving its color and appearance
  • Get a good sleep - after you've done the above steps, make sure you get a restful sleep which will make a big difference to your skin in the morning. You can rest easy knowing you are taking care of that pimple!
  • If you have a salicylic acid product apply some to the spot in between the 2 steps - right before the clay mask. 

Those are the steps to cure a pimple overnight.

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