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Acne Types

What to do About Stress Pimples

It’s a cruel joke. As if whatever is causing you stress isn’t hard enough—your skin reacts by forming a big, red, angry spot. Or lots of little pimples. Or just angry, stressed-out acne!

Stress Pimples

Then you stress about your skin. Which makes it worse because stress contributed to it in the first place. What a ridiculous merry-go-round! Here is how to step off it, get clearer skin, and hopefully be slightly less stressed…

You know the type—the constant breakout around your chin during a tense period in your life. Or that big pimple that erupts on your cheek right before an important date…

What can you do about it? Read on!

Pimples and Stress… what is the deal?!

Skin is directly influenced by hormones, that control oil production in the pores. Balanced hormones equals balanced skin. This is really important when figuring out how to get rid of acne.

Increased and prolonged stress directly influences the oil glands in the skin, causing them to increase sebum production.

This mixes with dead cells inside a pore and causes a breakout.

How To Treat and Prevent Stress Acne

  • Cleansing thoroughly will help prevent pores becoming clogged with oil and bacteria. Try a double cleanse at night and massage it in for several seconds
  • Find some ways to reduce stress especially if it is affecting other areas of your life. Simple tips like exercise and regular meals do help if done consistently as part of your lifestyle (having this routine will help you feel more in control)
  • Use witch hazel as a toner after cleansing or a liquid exfoliator like salicylic acid (preferred) – this can help balance oil production in pores and works as a great astringent – also ensuring skin is thoroughly clean
  • Take fish oil supplements daily – these help balance hormones and strengthen skin from the inside
  • Sleep has a huge role to play in coping with stress – even a 20min nap will make a difference to how you feel, which in turn impacts your skin!
  • Sit in a sauna twice a week to open pores, increase circulation and relax
  • Exercise to the point of sweating ideally 3 – 4 times a week – this increases oxygen and circulation, clears out pores and is the best stress reliever available
  • Do a 5min face massage at night to release tension – concentrate around the eye area and use firm, gentle movements
  • Investing in a professional body massage once every fortnight or more is worth it – this will help you sleep, increase circulation and remove any toxin build up in the body
  • Breathe deeply when outside in the fresh air – it’s amazing how little we are aware of this especially during times of tension. Fill your lungs and imagine all the nourishment and oxygen releasing tension and feeding your skin
  • For a pimple that has popped up before an important event, try a clay mask to get rid of it

Try to find one or two things that help you feel more relaxed and incorporate them into your lifestyle….

These might be regular exercise or even a glass of wine in the evening! Coping with a breakout during hard times can make it even worse, as it’s an added thing to have to deal with. Use the tips above for dealing with stress pimples, and take the pressure off!

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