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How to Make Pimples Stop Bleeding

You’ve squeezed that pimple (satisfaction!) but now you have to deal with the aftermath. Sadly, most pimples are not “pop and go.”

But don’t worry–with a few extra steps you can quickly stop pimples bleeding, help them heal faster, and reduce any scarring.

How to Make Pimples Stop Bleeding

Follow the steps below to stop a newly squeezed pimple from bleeding, swelling, and scarring.

By the way we know how important this is because if you’re like us, you usually just do a “little pop” before going somewhere and need the bleeding to stop fast!

Step One: apply pressure quick

First: apply pressure. Use a clean tissue and press down on the spot, firmly, for at least two minutes.

Pressure helps stop blood flow to the surface, which is why it is a basic first aid action for wounds. This in turn helps blood clots to form to speed up healing time.

Step Two: apply ice

This is the most important step, don’t skip it! Even 5 minutes of ice will make a significant difference.

Applying ice will reduce inflammation to help prevent that post pimple swelling that often ends up just as annoying as the original zit.

It also helps to further stop the bleeding as it restricts the blood vessels. And it can prevent the pimple from recurring.

How to use ice to stop a bleeding pimple

A pimple is a small thing. so just use one ice cube and fold it in a paper towel or tissue.

Apply it directly to the spot and hold it using gentle pressure for 5 minutes. Take a break for 2 minutes, then apply for another 5.

The more times you can do this (ideally 30 minutes total) the better the results. But try to at least do it twice.

Step Three: apply toner or other astringent

This step is quick. Apply some toner or witch hazel/astringent to the spot to clear any gunk and help constrict the pore.

Final Step: apply Vaseline or healing ointment

By now the pimple should have stopped bleeding. So the final and very important step is to ensure it heals without a scar.

Pimples and acne usually scar if they become dry and scab (and that scab becomes so tempting to pick!).

Prevent this by applying Vaseline or an antibiotic ointment to the spot. This keeps the skin moist to aid healing.

Be generous with the amount and massage it in gently. Apply as often as needed until healed.

How to Stop a Pimple Bleeding Summary Steps:

  1. Apply pressure using a tissue for at least two minutes
  2. Apply ice on and off for 5 minutes at a time, at least twice
  3. Use a toner or witch hazel astringent to clean the skin and restrict the pore
  4. Apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or ointment to the area to keep it moist. Reapply when needed until healed–this works under makeup and actually prevents the makeup from caking

And that is it! Follow these steps after squeezing a pimple to quickly stop the bleeding, reduce swelling, and prevent scarring.

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