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Acne Treatments

How to Really Use Toothpaste on Pimples

Toothpaste for pimples

Using toothpaste on pimples is a common tip that’s been passed around for years… But does it actually work?

Short answer: yes! With a few important caveats…

The combination of ingredients that fight pimples, the fact everyone has a tube lying around, and the simple application make this a popular breakout treatment.

How To Use Toothpaste On Pimples:

  • Very important: it needs to be plain tooth paste. Not gel/menthol or whitening
  • Apply a small dab right on top of the pimple only
  • Leave it on overnight if possible, or at least until the paste dries

It is common for people to try this tip for acne and conclude it doesn’t work or has irritated their skin.

This is because they grab whatever tube happens to be the household variety at the time, and these days this is more than likely to be some sort of minty/blue/crystal injected type!

Menthol and whitening ingredients can be too harsh on the skin and cause irritation.

All you need is a simple tube of old fashioned white paste!

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Why Does It Work?

The combination of ingredients in toothpaste fight bacteria and dry out a pimple in one go:

  • Baking soda is a common ingredient in toothpaste and this works to dry up oil and break down bacteria
  • Antibacterial agents in the toothpaste work to kill the infection
  • Some contain sodium laurel sulphate, which is a foaming agent that will clean and further dry out the area of skin

Basically, applying a dab to a spot will act as a “mini mask” to draw out and destroy bacteria.

This reduces the inflammation and dries out the skin, resulting in a significantly reduced pimple!

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