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How to Remove Blackheads With Glue??

How to remove blackheads with glue

Yikes… Can you remove blackheads with glue?! Well, as long as it’s the right type of glue… this actually can help to get rid of blackheads!

But let’s say it upfront: do not use superglue or anything that is not simple (and non toxic) PVA. You don’t want the glue actually sticking to your skin, but rather forming a “peel off” type mask.

How to do it properly below…

How to remove blackheads with glue

Sure, you can just apply some glue to your skin, wait for it to dry, then peel it off. But that won’t do much. Instead, use the glue as a base for a DIY blackhead peel off mask (for more peel-off mask options see this page).

One: Use the right glue

Make sure you use only non toxic PVA glue or “craft glue”. This is a rubber like glue that is water soluble, so it is safe to use on skin and can be removed with water if needed.

Two: Remember some treatments are better at removing blackheads than glue…

This is the caveat. While this glue mask can help remove surface blackheads that are ready to come out, and will temporarily remove oil and dead skin cells, it won’t otherwise do much.

So try it (carefully, as it can irritate), but remember to also treat your blackheads with proper exfoliation, correct extraction and other remedies.

Three: How to make your glue mask

Option 1: a glue and activated charcoal mask

Make your own sticky black mask by mixing a teaspoon of glue with half a teaspoon of activated charcoal. Apply to clogged areas of skin.

Important: this can be very irritating to skin. The charcoal works to draw out impurities (a good thing) but mixed with the peel-off action of the glue this can cause redness and dryness.

If after leaving the mixture on your face for 15minutes it doesn’t peel easily, remove with warm water instead.

Option 2: a more gentle blackhead remover

This option works more like a physical blackhead strip — its focus is on the active “pulling” from the skin. Mix one teaspoon of glue with one egg white, and apply to clogged areas.

Wait 15minutes for the mixture to set, then gently peel off. Again, if this doesn’t happen easily, remove with warm water.

Important tips about removing blackheads with glue

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