How to Deal with Blackheads in Your Ears

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Do you try to just ignore the blackheads in your ear? Or are you self conscious because your ear looks “dirty”?

This page will show you exactly how to deal with those black plugs in this awkward area.

Maybe you’ve already tried to get rid of them, but have given up because of the tricky-ness of getting into that little area…

“Normal” blackheads are hard enough to remove… Luckily, clearing up ear blackheads can be done.

Below is a step by step easy treatment guide and extraction technique, along with important extra tips.

What You Need To Know About Blackheads In Ears

1) Blackheads do not mean your ear is dirty! What it does mean is the pores in your ear are larger and produce a good amount of oil.

You likely have an oily or combination facial skin type, and the ears are an extension of that.

2) Blackheads generally don’t go away on their own. Because they don’t have inflammation the body doesn’t need to get rid of them, so they can stay indefinitely.

Maybe your ear blackheads developed years ago, and haven’t really budged.

3) Blackheads in ears will return if you don’t do a few things consistently. (Extracting isn’t enough – although it can help). This article will show you how.

4) You can get rid of them! They may be tricky and stubborn, but they aren’t impossible! You can help them to disappear, and also lessen the appearance of your pores.

So let’s get on with it…

The Steps For Dealing With Blackheads In Your Ear

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The best way to get rid of any blackheads, whether in your ear or on your nose, is to use an acid like salicylic (BHA) or glycolic (AHA) consistently: How-to below…

Consistent use dissolves the blackhead ‘plug’, and then prevents it from forming again.

Eventually pore appearance is refined/minimized.

Which Acid Is Best To Use For Ear Blackheads?

Glycolic acid is best for ear blackheads. Salicylic is usually the one to use for facial skin that has blackhead and acne problems.

Step By Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Ear Blackheads

You need a glycolic acid product that has a high enough percentage to make a difference, but is low enough to be used on a frequent basis.

  1. In the evening, clean your ear with a clean warm wash cloth and dry thoroughly.

2. Apply the glycolic acid to a small piece of cotton or gauze, and carefully buff it onto the flat part of your ear. Be careful of the ear canal opening and the outer ear, as this can be sensitive.

3. The first few times leave it on for up to 10seconds. Skin needs to get used to glycolic acid it’s important to build up tolerance.

4. Soak a clean piece of cotton in cool water and rinse your ear to neutralize the acid.

5. Dry your ear. And that’s it! Once you’ve done the above for 3 or 4 nights and the skin in your ear is tolerating it well, try leaving the glycolic on for up to 1 minute. This will really blast those blackheads!

6. Be careful to monitor the skin and if any redness, irritation or peeling develops, reduce application to every 2nd night and lessen the time left on.

When Will You See Results?

You might see a difference in the appearance of your ear blackheads in as little as one or two weeks.

Remember consistent use it very important, and best results will be seen after 30days. From there, it keeps getting better 🙂

Is it a Good Idea to Extract Ear Blackheads?

Should you try to pop a blackhead in your ear? Extraction can work for particularly stubborn ones and provide a ‘kick start’ to get rid of them.

Ears are tricky, so using a blackhead extractor is the easiest way especially in this area. These small tools allow you to really get in there, otherwise it’s almost impossible to maneuver your fingers (let alone see anything)!

Remember: extracting is temporary and that pore will fill up again, so it is important to incorporate it with the above process for the best possible results.

A Few Extra Blackheads In Ears Tips

Try the following tips to further treat and prevent ear blackheads:

  • If you wear your hair over your ears, be extra vigilant about the above steps every evening. The glycolic acid product will help remove any hair product residue.
  • Don’t be tempted to put your fingers in your ear or use your nails to ‘scratch’ the blackhead out!
  • If you use earbuds for listening to music, clean them often with an alcohol wipe.
  • After exercising, give your ears a wipe with some toner or a clean wash cloth.
  • You can try a small bit of clay mask in your ear a few times a week to help soak up oil and reduce pore size. It is a little awkward to apply, but just use a clean finger and a mirror!
  • Remove with a warm wash cloth (be careful to only apply it to the flat area!)

It IS Possible To Deal With Ear Blackheads!

Ear blackheads may be awkward and easier to ignore – but you don’t need to!

The above steps will help reduce blackheads, control oil and give you “clean ear confidence”.

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