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How to Remove Blackheads in Your Ears

A step by step guide to eliminating those pesky plugs

Do you try to just ignore the blackheads in your ears? Or are you self conscious because they make your ear look “dirty”? Worry no more—this page shows you exactly how to deal with blackheads in this awkward area.

Woman with blackheads in ears stretching her ear out

Maybe you’ve already tried to remove ear blackheads, but have given up because of the tricky-ness of it. “Normal” blackheads are hard enough to remove, and this area is just awkward. But, clearing up ear blackheads can be done.

Below is a step by step easy ear blackhead treatment guide and extraction technique.

What Causes Blackheads in Ears?

he trickiest area for blackheads is definitely your ears! Blackheads just love to accumulate here. Most of us have oily ears, which means pores are large enough for blackheads to form. Plus, they are hard to clean, your hair likely contributes oils and product residue, ear wax is oily and might contribute more… plenty of reasons.

How to Get Rid of Ear Blackheads

The best way to get rid of blackheads in your ear is to extract them and use a salicylic acid or glycolic acid consistently. These acids dissolve and soften the “plug” and prevent new ones from forming after extraction.

So popping ear blackheads is really okay, but only if done right!

Follow this step by step guide to getting rid of ear blackheads:

  1. Extract ear blackheads after a warm shower so your pores are already soft and open. Open them further by holding a warm wash cloth or cotton ball to the flat part of your ear for a few minutes. This makes getting rid of them easier.
  2. Because ear blackheads are hard (impossible) to see, using a blackhead extractor tool is the easiest way to extract them. These are often used in professional facials to quickly extract blackheads from a large area.
  3. Place the loop end of the tool on the side of any plugs—or because you might not be able to see inside you rear, simply place it at one end of the flat part of your ear. For example, start at the top part.
  4. Gently scrap the tool across the skin with firm but gentle pressure. Don’t press down in one spot as this can cause damage and doesn’t work to squeeze out comedones.
  5. Do this removal technique once or twice in different directions. The plugs should come out on the tool, which you can then wipe clean.
  6. Soothe your ear and help shrink the pores by applying witch hazel with a cotton ball.
  7. Now, follow the next steps to reduce and prevent blackheads in your ears through your daily skin care routine.
Woman cleaning ear blackheads with cotton buds
Removing blackheads from your ear doesn’t have to be this dramatic

Next: How to Prevent Blackheads in your Ears

  1. Do this at night time, preferably after a shower where you can gently clean your ears with a wash cloth, them pat dry.
  2. Apply a salicylic acid exfoliator or toner to a cotton call and carefully buff it onto the flat part of your ear. Be careful of the ear canal opening and outer edges as these can be sensitive.
  3. If you are using our Salicylic Acid Daily Exfoliator 2% (recommended), leave it on from about 10 seconds. It might sting or tingle slightly but this is normal.
  4. Then, rinse with a clean damp cotton ball to neutralize the acid.
  5. Once your skin gets used to it you can increase the time left on, but this isn’t necessary.
  6. If your skin develops any irritation or gets overly dry, reduce application to every second or third night, you may need to build up to nightly application.

What You Need to Know About Blackheads in Ears

  • Blackheads do not mean your ear is dirty! What it does mean is the pores in your ear are larger and produce a good amount of oil. You likely have an oily or combination facial skin type, and the ears are an extension of that.
  • Blackheads generally don’t go away on their own. Because they don’t have inflammation the body doesn’t need to get rid of them, so they can stay indefinitely. Maybe your ear blackheads developed years ago, and are staying put.
  • Blackheads in ears will return if you don’t do a few things consistently. (Extracting isn’t enough – although it does help).
  • You can get rid of them! They may be tricky and stubborn, but they aren’t impossible. You can help them to disappear, and also lessen the appearance of your pores.

When Will You See Results?

You might see a difference in the appearance of your ear blackheads in as little as one or two weeks. Consistent use is important and really helps prevent dead skin cells and oil from blocking pores.

Should you try to pop or squeeze a blackhead in your ear? Extraction does work for particularly stubborn ones and provides a “kick start” to getting rid of them.

Remember: extracting is temporary and that pore will fill up again, so it is important to incorporate it with the above skin care for the best results.

Extra Tips to Remove Ear Blackheads

Try the following tips to further treat and prevent ear blackheads:

  • If you wear your hair over your ears, be extra vigilant about the above steps every evening to remove residue.
  • Don’t be tempted to put your fingers in your ear or use your nails to “scratch” the blackhead out.
  • If you use earbuds for listening to music, clean them often with an alcohol wipe.
  • After exercising, give your ears a wipe with some toner or a clean wash cloth.
  • You can try a small bit of clay mask in your ear a few times a week to help soak up oil and reduce pore size. It is a little awkward to apply, but just use a clean finger or cotton bud and a mirror!

It is Possible to Deal with Ear Blackheads

Ear blackheads may be awkward and easy to ignore, but you don’t need to. The above steps will help reduce them, control oil, and give you “clean ear confidence”.

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