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Enlarged Pores That Look Like a Hole?

Enlarged pores that look like a hole

Do you have enlarged pores that look like a hole? Like a hole in the sand, an enlarged pore is obvious when it is not “filled” — which in the skin means a blackhead or blockage rather than sand…

Okay, so what you can do about them?

How to treat an enlarged pore that looks like a hole

First, pore size is hereditary. But individual pores can enlarge unnaturally from constant blockages, where excess oil and skin cells “stretch” the pore out, or from overzealous squeezing and exfoliating that damage the skin.

You might have one enlarged “hole” or many.

You might only notice them when you’ve cleared your skin, perhaps by squeezing blackheads.

But however they come about and however you notice them, follow the steps below.

How to instantly reduce the appearance of the “hole”

We get into long term skin care below, but first let’s look at how to instantly reduce the appearance of this enlarge pore that looks like a hole.

You might have tried using foundation in the past, only to stare aghast at what now looks like an even more obvious hole in your face.

Try this instead:

You want to temporarily “fill” that pore by pushing product into the pore. This will help create a smooth and even surface.

Use a small round brush and gently buff/press foundation into the skin. Then press powder into the skin to set.

(Don’t forget the next section about cleansing and exfoliating!)

Check out this video by Wayne Goss that shows you the instant technique:

Keep your skin clean and exfoliated

Strangely, it can be tempting to “keep” a blackhead because it’s actually easier to disguise. When a pore is clear, that deep hole is difficult to cover with makeup.

But don’t be tempted to ignore it. Keeping your pores clean goes a long way in ensuring they do not get any bigger.

If a pore is constantly filled with excess oil, sebum, dead skin cells, etc… it will just keeping enlarging.

1. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer

Cleansing twice a day is enough, but be sure to really massage the cleanser into any congested areas for several seconds.

Moisturizer is important because this ensures your skin doesn’t overcompensate for dryness by producing more oil. Just choose an oil free, simple moisturizer.

2. Proper exfoliation to reduce enlarged pore size

You need chemical exfoliation. The active molecules in salicylic or glycolic acid dissolve oil and dead skin cell, and can penetrate pores.

With consistent use, glycolic acid especially can reduce the size of pores by gently sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells.

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