Glycolic Acid Lotion – Top 3 Products Strong Enough to Work (and How to Use Them)

A glycolic acid lotion is an easy way to incorporate this super-beneficial ingredient into your skin care routine.

This acid is amazing: (Almost) everyone should be using it!

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On this page are 3 recommended products, with benefits of each and whether they will be good for your skin.

Keep in mind! A lotion or cream is good – you apply one product and voila! – a moisturizer and glyoclic acid in one.


The glycolic acid in a lotion is never as strong because it is left on the skin and therefore has to be “moisturizing”. If you want the dramatic faster results of glycolic acid, you might prefer our Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5%.

Follow this with a good moisturizer and get the absolute best of both worlds: Skin changing results with the strong exfoliator and proper hydration with your moisturizer:

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Top 3 Glycolic Acid Lotions:

1. Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream

Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream

Reviva Labs also has a 5% concentration moisturizer – but you may like to “jump” straight to this 10% cream because the percentage in a lotion is never as strong (even though it looks good on the label!).

Do be careful however – if your skin is sensitive, try the 5% firstBecause this is a cream, is also has hydrating properties and is an easy moisturizer to use. Easy is good.

Best for:

Highly recommended for all skin concerns – especially premature aging (as well as ‘already aged skin’!)

  • Start by using it every 2nd or 3rd night, and build up to every night once you are used to it (no flaking/dryness or redness).

You can see customer reviews and details about it on here

2. Best Value – Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Glycolic Acid Lotion

Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Glycolic Lotion*

This glycolic acid lotion contain 10% glycolic acid and is one of the best priced products out there. You can’t beat it for value.

It also contains a significant amount of Vitamin E which works as an emollient and provides extra antioxidant benefits – however it is still  fairly drying because its a lotion, so best for oily skin. It spreads easily so only a small amount is needed.

Fragrance free which is always a bonus – although some people may find the ‘natural’ smell less pleasant…

Best for:

  • Oily skin or those living in a humid climate. The light texture ensures it doesn’t feel heavy, and absorbs easily.
  • This glycolic acid product can also be used as a spot treatment – if you have blackheads on your nose for example but the rest of your face is sensitive, apply it to this area only after cleansing, and follow with your normal moisturizer.
  • Because it’s such a good price it can also be used as a body lotion to smooth, hydrate and remove dark spots.

Want more dramatic results? See our Glycolic Acid Daily Exfoliator 7.5% here >

3. Best Glycolic Acid Lotion for Dry Skin – Aqua Glycolic Face Cream

Picture of Mederma Cream

Mederma AG Face Cream*

Another great product with a decent glycolic acid concentration.

Best for:

Dry and sensitive skins as it contains an emollient (cetyl ricinoleate) – which counteracts the drying affects of glycolic acid. It’s non-greasy – so dry/dehydrated acne prone skins will benefit.

Use it at night to start with. This might be enough to see a difference with this product.

Build up to twice daily after two weeks for acne prone, pigmented or thick skin.

A very good choice if you have dry skin, Mederma AG Face Cream* will give you the refining and clearing benefits of this acid in a soothing, hydrating emollient base.

Bona Fide Skin Care Glycolic Acid Exfoliator 7.5% – Easy, Better Results

Lastly, if you want the most bang out of your skin care buck, our pure glycolic acid exfoliator has no other ingredients to ‘water’ it down like the lotions above. You get the full benefits of this acid at a strong percentage.

Follow with a good hydrating moisturizer, and once your skin is used to it, you can add a good moisturizer with retinol for even greater anti-aging results.


It is better to use one concentrated product, than a product that tries to be “everything” with less results!


2 thoughts on “Glycolic Acid Lotion – Top 3 Products Strong Enough to Work (and How to Use Them)”

  1. I have the NO7 peel pack. Its a 10% glycolic peel. It has neutraliser and cream. As its such a low percentage could i leave it on and just add moistouriser over the top?

    • With a peel there really is no benefit to leaving it on. Glycolic acid does its best work in the first few minutes, leaving it on for longer gives you diminishing returns and more irritation/dryness etc.
      If you do want to try leaving it on it for your own experiment it should be fine, just keep in mind it probably isn’t as good as using it as directed.

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