What is a Blackhead... 
and Why Don't They Go Away?

What is a blackhead - and why do they never seem to go away!

It is as if the pore just refills automatically?! 

Once you know the answer you can focus on the treatment that works. This article will tell you exactly what you need to know...

What is a blackhead?

So... What Is A Blackhead?

A 'plug' in a skin pore.

  • Blackheads are a combination of sebum and dead skin cells which hardens and forms a 'plug'
  • Because this plug is in contact with the outside air it oxidizes and turns a blackish color

How Do They Form?

They're most commonly found on the t-zone, as well as the top of the cheeks on oily skins.

You might also get them in your ears, or on your back.

Why do blackheads form on our skin?

  • Oily skin has larger pores - there is more chance of a blackhead forming in a larger pore, and probably most importantly - there is more chance you will NOTICE this blackhead has formed in a larger pore
  • Pore size and an oily skin is mostly genetics, but can be aggravated by using harsh soaps and incorrect skin care
  • Fine pores (even ones that are invisible to the naked eye) can also have 'blackheads' which you just can't see - I've seen these blockages under a magnifying mirror in treatments

Why Are Blackheads So Persistent?

The blackheads sheer persistence is what makes them such. a. pain.

They just never seem to go away!

You can squeeze one and it will just refill the next day...

The IMPORTANT difference between pimples and blackheads:

  • Pimples are caused by an invasion of bacteria. Because this is a threat to the body - if we just leave the pimple alone - the body will take care of it and get rid of it in a few days
  • Blackheads aren't seen as a threat - remember they are just a plug of sebum with no bacteria invasion
  • They are a passive 'tag along' as far as your body is concerned, so it doesn't do anything on it's end to keep them under control. Your body doesn't even notice they're there!

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Because blackheads are just a plug in an open pore and aren't seen as a threat by our bodies, it becomes obvious why they never seem to go away.

Squeezing a blackhead is like an invitation for it to fill up again.

Like digging a hole in the wet sand, impossible to keep open :)

To control blackheads successfully, do so smartly (you could dig out that hole in the sand 24/7 to keep it clear - but there are better ways!!

Now you know what they are and what makes them such a pain... it is time to get rid of them.

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