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Blackheads are stubborn, numerous and tricky to get rid of. Because your body doesn’t eliminate them naturally like pimples they can stick around indefinitely.

Just sitting in your skins pores. Being annoying.

And let’s not even talk about the “automatic refill” they come equipped with—you squeeze a blackhead, and a day later the plug has returned!

Fortunately, blackheads might be hard to deal with but they aren’t impossible. The right exfoliation—one that dissolves oil and dead skin cells and prevents the pore from refilling—along with the proper extraction technique and some other skin care tricks, you can successfully get rid of them!

All the articles you need about how to do so are on this page. Do the steps, get clear skin. Read on!
All Articles on Blackheads: Causes, Treatment, Prevention, Extraction & more:

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