Do Anti Aging Skin Care Products Work?

Do anti aging skin care products work?

They are some of the most expensive in the skin care product spectrum. Making all sorts of promises with sometimes 'magical' ingredients. 

Do Anti Aging Products Work?

Instead of spending endless money and time in 'trial and error' find out which ingredients can really make a difference, and base your routine around them. The active ingredients that have been proven to deliver results to skin, not just a petri dish - yes these do exist!

Do Anti Aging Skin Care Products Work? 3 Points That Matter

The only thing that different anti aging products have to set them apart is their ingredients and formulations. The following 3 points are what I care about with any skin care:

1. Ingredients that have been shown to work on skin...

2. That are in a high enough dose and the right formulation to ACTUALLY work...

3. And that that deliver benefits that you care about

Ingredients that work in the right formulations:

The following are ingredients that do deliver. These have been proven, and in the right product they cana  make significant difference to your skin in the long term.

  • Retinol - stimulates collagen production and increases cell turnover

This derivative of Vitamin A plumps up skin, tightens it's appearance, helps clear acne and refine pores, improves the overall look and texture of your skin. It's one of the most effective anti aging ingredients you can use.

It's also highly unstable and the percentage and formulation is vital! Which is why you can use one retinol product and not see a difference, compared to another which you feel working right away. 

See our Complete Retinol Cream here, with 3% Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing extracts, it is all you need in a night cream.

  • Glycolic Acid - dissolves dead skin cells, increases cell turnover and provides an even exfoliation

A great active ingredient that improves fine lines, pigmentation, blackheads, oil, dull skin.... Forget the scrubs and use an AHA. The results are cumulative, and if you suffer from adult acne it's a double working powerhouse. 

But to work at all it has to be at the right percentage - high enough to actually do something for your skin (but not so high to cause damage). You can try heavy peels, or use a daily product for consistent results, which is the preferred way. 

  • Vitamin C - anti oxidant powerhouse, skin brightener

Sun damage, pollution, stress, diets on the run... all promote free radicals in our skin, which contribute to the aging process. Vitamin C is one powerful fighter of free radicals and can dramatically improveme your complexion.

Again, like most of these truly active ingredients it's highly unstable. A number of products contain it but most don't have it in the right formulation so it becomes just a pretty word on the label... Find out more about it here, and how you can make your own serum which may be the best way to see benefits..

  • Hyaluronic Acid - intensely hydrating and protecting

Ok so this isn't strictly an active ingredient, but there's no denying that skin dehydration has a huge role to play in the appearance of aging. Spend any time in a dry environment and you'll start to look and feel 10years older!

Hyaluronic acid molecules attract and hold up to 1000 their weight in water. While it doesn't directly affect the lower layers of skin, it greatly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin appear more plump, smooth and tight.  

And in the long term, by keeping your skin hydrated and protected, you're doing all you can to keep it looking it's best. 

So, Some Anti Aging Skin Care Products Do Work

This is what it comes down to, anti aging skin care products that:

1. Hydrate, lubricate and protect the top layer of cells - this is the layer that is presented to the world, and acts as a shield for the newer cells underneath

2. Use active, proven ingredients to increase cell turnover and strengthen tissues - these are what can make a proper difference to skin in the long run, targeting and strengthening the foundation 

3. Bonus - include additions that add instant brightening or 'glow' effects - basically light reflecting particles that give the illusion of perfect skin straight away!


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