Get Smooth Skin with a Daily Glycolic Acid Peel

You’ve heard how a glycolic acid peel can smooth fine lines, reduce pigmentation, and make your skin glow.

But you’ve also heard about the potential side effects of heavy peels (20-70%), the expense of them… the need for a course of treatments…

So… why not use a lower percentage — 7.5% — on a daily basis instead?!

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Why a consistent lower percentage of glycolic acid gives better results

The one thing that works in skin care: consistency.

Have you ever had a facial and marveled at your glowing skin immediately afterwards, only to wonder two days later if anything was actually done?

Consistency matters.

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Your skin cells turn over about every 28 days — one cell takes about that long to make the journey up from a new healthy cell to a dead, dry cell on the top layer of skin.

This is why using a quality formulation on a consistent basis can do more for your skin than using fewer-but-heavier treatments.

With consistent use of a good product, you are not just treating your skin in one moment of time — time nor your skin stand still.

You are treating each skin cell as it goes through its entire cycle. This results in clearer, smoother, healthier skin… that keeps getting better as you continue!

Okay. How?

The glycolic acid daily peel.

First: the product must have a high enough percentage to do something.

Our Glycolic Daily Exfoliator has a 7.5% glycolic acid concentration — but here is the important part.: it doesn’t have other “filler” ingredients that only serve to water down results.

7.5% pure glycolic acid power is what you get.

Not “10%” on the label that actually works like 0.9% due to 30 other ingredients in the product…

Second: use it right.

It’s very simple to use, apply like a toner to dry skin, then splash with cool water to neutralize the acid.

And here are some tips for best results:

  • Saturate a cotton ball with the product then apply with a buffing motion to dry skin
  • Leave on for about 10seconds in the beginning — but if your skin stings too much rinse off earlier
  • You can layer the product for greater effect once your skin has become used to it
  • Follow with moisturizer

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