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Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2%

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Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2%

The Basics: How to use and what to expect

Important points to know when you first start using your Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2%:

  • You may feel a slight tingling or sting when you first start using - however not everyone will feel this, it depends on your skin. If you don't rest assured it is still working!
  • Your skin will likely get drier and possibly irritated in the beginning (again, this isn't necessary). This will improve with use, so keep using!

Extra tips and how to get the most out of it:

  • The Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2% is a very effective spot treatment - apply some to a cotton ball and apply it directly to the pimple only and leave it on
  • One application like this may be all you need, but a particularly large or stubborn spot may require repeat applications over a day or two (be careful of the surrounding skin when leaving it on!)
  • This product can also be used on the body - if you have pimples/acne on your back for example, apply some and leave it on overnight (you may need to ask someone to help apply!)
  • Ingrown hairs? Use this product daily to release them, prevent inflammation and prevent more from forming
  • Control oil during the day and lessen the appearance of blackheads immediately by applying a small amount to clogged areas in the morning (such as your nose). Rinse and apply your other products, including make up, as usual. Ready to start your day!

- Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2% -
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I leave this on overnight?

Salicylic acid does its "best" work within the first 1 - 2 minutes of being left on skin. 

Longer than that it will be more drying than anything, and for a lot of skins will cause irritation.

Short answer - while nothing disastrous will happen to your skin, it is not recommended and not actually necessary to leave it on. 

However - it is a very effective spot treatment when left on! Apply some directly to a pimple and leave it on. This will lessen inflammation and speed up healing. 

2. Why does this product contain alcohol and what type is it?

The alcohol is necessary for the salicylic acid to actually work - without it the acid will recrystalize (this sometimes happens around the top of the product if some is spilt - the alcohol will evaporate and you will see the white crystals left).

It is a myth that alcohol is bad for skin - some types are of course, but the alcohol in this product is denatured which is perfectly safe for skin and has its own benefits:

  • These are a slight drying effect and antiseptic properties - both actually contribute to the effectiveness of this product.

3. Do you have a higher percentage product?

First - Bona Fide Skin Care's Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2% only contains salicylic acid with no other ingredients. This means you are actually getting the full benefit of the 2%.

- 2% within a product with other ingredients gets watered down and is much less effective -

Second - Our product has Salicylic Acid at pH 3 which is the ideal pH for effectiveness (any lower and it is too strong, higher and it is useless).

| Salicylic acid 2% is the highest percentage "allowed" over the counter - and is also the perfect percentage for safe and effective use on skin |

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