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Tria Anti Aging Laser

Who doesn’t want flawless, smoother and younger looking skin? With so many skin treatments out there and the hyper around them, it gets confusing to decide which one would be worth it.

Anti-aging lasers are becoming popular these days. Many have claimed to experience amazing results, but you might still be wondering if you want to spend so much money on a laser treatment.

With devices like TRIA anti-aging laser, you don’t have to spend a hefty amount to go to an expensive center to get the laser treatment.

Read on to find out more about anti aging treatment, how to use the laser at home and the possible side effects.

How Fraxel Laser Works

Fraxel is a popular laser skin resurfacing treatment that is performed at a plastic surgeon or dermatologist’s office. It delivers small heat holes in the skin in order to wipe out the damaged and dead skin cells. It aims to enhance the formation of new collagen for a smoother and youthful looking skin.

The treatment helps in evening out the tone of your skin, eliminating pigmentation, smoothening wrinkles and lines, fading scars, and minimizing pores.

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Tria Anti Aging Laser

This is a handheld device through which you can actually get the similar treatment as the Fraxel laser treatment, right in your home!

While this device is expensive, it is still more affordable than Fraxel or other type of anti-aging laser treatments. Best of all, it uses the same technology as a professional treatment.

By delivering light deep into your skin, it creates microscopic injuries which trigger the elimination of dead and damaged cells, thereby leaving your skin refreshed and youthful.

You won’t see faster results than a professional treatment but with continuous use, you will start noticing great results.

It is safe for all skin types, and can be used around the mouth and eyes, on the forehead, chin and cheeks. It is highly recommended that you avoid using this treatment on skin that has permanent makeup, or skin which is cut, or too close to eyes.

How To Use The Laser At Home

Here are the steps to use anti-aging laser at home:

1.   Charging and Activating

Firstly, you need to make sure that the device is fully charged and activated before you begin using it on your skin. You will have to charge it for around 2.5 hours or as per the instructions on the box. If you are using TRIA device, then you have to activate it by going to their website or calling their service center.

2.   Washing Your Face

Once the device is charged and activated, make sure you thoroughly wash your face. It is important to keep in mind that the treatment must be done on dry and clean skin. Any sunscreen or makeup residue might block out the effects of the laser.

You can use the face wash recommended by the device, there might be a one included in the pack or you would have to buy one. However, it is also fine to use your own facial cleanser to wash your face. Moreover, there is no need to apply any serum or gel before using the laser.

3.   Selecting the Setting

For the TRIA anti-aging laser, three levels are available. You can select the one you want to use before starting the treatment. The low level is a green light, the medium level uses two green lights, and the high level uses three green lights.

It is highly recommended that you begin the treatment with the low level, especially if you have never had any laser treatment done on your face. Keep using the low level for about a week to give your skin time to adjust to the treatment.

Go up a level higher after a week and continue on for a week or so more on the medium level. Eventually, move on to the higher level. Keep in mind your might feel some irritation and redness, especially when using the high level. However, you will also see quicker results on this level.

4.   Moving the Laser

The light will only appear when you hold the device against your skin and will stop automatically if it is on a wrong angle or is pulled away from the skin. It also stops if you keep the laser on one spot for longer than necessary. Make sure you keep the device gliding slowly across the face. Divide your face in four zones, and work on one zone at a time.

5.   After-Treatment Products

After the laser treatment, your skin might feel hot and reddish. This will disappear after 30 minutes. You can also apply hydrating and cooling skin products to soothe your skin. TRIA also has its own finishing serum that can be applied after the treatment.

Expected Results

The results of the treatment would start becoming visible within 2 weeks of regular usage. Your skin will become smoother and softer. After completing the 8-week treatment course, you will start noticing a decrease in the wrinkles and lines on your face.

However, these results might differ from person to person. Many women have noticed quicker results while for others, their skin didn’t show any results till after 3 to 4 weeks.

If you experience redness or a little swelling after the treatment, there is no need to panic. This should be expected since you are giving your skin a laser treatment.

Keep in mind that your skin might feel rougher, and spots might appear darker before you see results. When pigmentation is treated, it can rise up on the outer layer of the skin to be exfoliated.

Be patient and you will soon notice the spots getting lighter and your skin getting clearer and smoother.

Possible Side Effects

While anti-aging lasers are usually safe when used correctly, your skin might experience some side effects. The most commonly experienced side effects are:

  • Swelling
  • Puffed skin, dry skin
  • Sensitivity
  • Redness

These mostly disappear within 24 hours. Keep in mind that your skin needs recovery time after all types of treatments. Therefore, it is best to treat your skin a day before so that your skin has the entire night to recover. Make sure to avoid using the laser again on the affected areas till the side effects are gone.

There might also be some rare side effects, which include skin pigmentation. In this case, there is a production of melanin on the affected area, which results in the formation of tiny brown spots. This will typically disappear in few weeks.

The side effects can be avoided by using the after treatment creams, which are included in the anti-aging laser. These creams help your skin recover from the treatment and reduce the likelihood of side effects. Your skin ends up looking radiant and glowing!


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