Skin Care Tips for Teens: quick fixes and long term care

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Skin care tips for teens

The Most Important Skin Care Tip for Teens:

Remember everyones skin is different. Hormones and genetics play a role as they affect oil production and cause different degrees of acne..

  1. Exercise to a sweat daily. This clears pores, increases circulation of nutrients and waste removal, and keeps hormone levels stable.
  2. Skin condition is 90% internal, so treat the symptoms with products but remember the most success will come from looking after yourself (sleep, exercise, diet).
  3. Make sure you are eating enough protein. This keeps your blood sugar stable which helps with stress. You also need plenty during these years as your body is growing and using a lot of energy.
  4. Double cleanse at night: 1st to remove makeup/sunscreen/grime, 2nd to really clean. Really massage it in for several seconds and remove thoroughly.
  5. Use a mask once or twice a week – even a simple home DIY mask of yoghurt, mashed up banana or honey can soothe and provide nourishment.
  6. Products like Pro Active work by drying your skin out severely. They are a temporary solution and can work, but remember the long term aim should be to balance out your skin by looking after yourself internally.
  7. A less intense approach is often more successful – products containing small amounts of Vitamin A or Glycolic Acid are excellent at unblocking and exfoliating
  8. For girls – it’s often worth talking to your doctor about going on the pill as this can clear up acne by controlling hormones.
  9. Having said that – remember taking medication is always a temporary solution that can make acne worse, see this page for the only system that will keep skin clear, for good
  10. Experiment with your diet to see what works – some find cutting out dairy greatly reduces pimple breakouts. Everyone benefits from lessening sugar as much as possible.
  11. Take a fish oil supplement daily. This has been shown to balance hormones, control stress and nourish skin from within. Any supplement needs a week or two to work so be patient!
  12. You need more sleep in your teenage years as your body is working hard. Sleep as you need to – no matter what your mother says!
  13. To cover a pimple, apply concealer to the outside and blend it into the center. Start with a small amount and add more only if you need to. Applying concealer directly on top will only draw more attention to it.
  14. Rinse out shampoo thoroughly and change your pillowcase regularly.
  15. A course of antibiotics can help acne – be sure to see your doctor. It’s a good idea to take probiotics at the same time to keep your gut balanced (important for immune and overall health).
  16. When using makeup, cleanse it off thoroughly and use clean hands/brushes to apply it. Use the best quality makeup you can afford.
  17. Breathe deeply, right into your stomach. This nourishes your whole body and calms your mind.
  18. See a specialist for specific problems and follow what they have to say. However, remember less is often more with skin care. Always go with what feels right for you.


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  1. Excellent information provided in this article. All tips are great, just focus on regular exercise and nutritional diet every day for best skin care.

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