Skin Care Tips for Men

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Skin Care for Men

Skin care for men: a lot of the general advice does work   – but there are significant differences with your skin that require some special tips and tweaks.

And these can make a huge difference to your comfort and appearance!

After working in a male-only spa in Australia several years ago I realized men’s facials were the most popular treatment by far.

Men’s skin is thicker, and comes with its own challenges thanks to the reality of hair growth and shaving. It deserves to be taken care of, and you don’t have to get professional facials to do so.

This page has the best tried and true tips on skin care for men – exactly what you need to do to get your skin looking and feeling better-than-good.

Skin Care  For Men – 7 Tips For The Ultimate Routine

1. Your thicker skin needs quality exfoliation

As a man, you have thicker skin (literally) – which is why men, in general, appear to age “better” than women. You also have more oil in your skin, which helps maintain its appearance longer.

In order to keep it in the best shape possible – clear, smooth and nice looking – proper exfoliation is a must. Here’s how:

  • Forget about grainy scrubs that aren’t able to really clear out pores. Use a chemical exfoliant instead – glycolic acid is the best bet to provide an even, smooth, easy exfoliation
  • Huge bonus – it also helps prevent and treat ingrown hairs, and destroys blackheads

Use our Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% a few times a week – it takes 1 minute – and you will see the difference.

2. Deal with shaving irritation

  • Some men can shave dry, others get red spots and irritation no matter how thoroughly they lather up. If you are the former, try the following and your skin will thank you:
  • Cleanse your skin before shaving. This helps get rid of surface dirt and oil so your razor can get closer and stay cleaner (using a glycolic acid product before will also help)
  • Or, simply use a clean warm wash cloth before shaving – hold it on your face for a couple of minutes, use it to gently scrub your face, then begin! Old school barber shop style…
  • A pre shave oil provides a film to protect your skin from the razor, while allowing the hair to be removed
  • After shave isn’t actually necessary, and can sometimes cause further irritation. A few splashes of cold water works well to calm skin and close pores. A light, oil free moisturizer is usually all you need after – if your skin is dry you might need a cream moisturizer

3. Sunscreen

Every human being knows they should wear sunscreen. This will help prevent age spots, redness, and too many wrinkles – so don’t neglect it!

For men, a matte sunscreen is best, and make sure it is made for the face so it won’t clog pores. Often, this will be the only product you need to apply in the morning, if that is your preference.

4. How to get rid of blackheads

The glycolic acid mentioned above is the number one thing you do to clear and prevent blackheads.


  • Eye glasses and/or sunglasses can cause nose blackheads, sweat collects and drips down to your nose. Again, frequent use go glycolic acid will help, as well as keep glasses clean and being aware of this “danger”
  • Even if you do nothing else for your skin at night – at least scrub it with a clean, warm wash cloth. This will remove oil and grease from the day, which will help prevent clogged pores and keep your skin looking and feeling good
  • Use a good clay mask. It works to absorb oil and exfoliate skin

5. Shiny, oily skin? How to control it:

  • Because your skin produces more oil, you have to deal with it – duh! If you get shiny face, especially the nose, there are a few things that can help:
  • Apply a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia with a cotton ball, just to the oily areas, in the morning. It will look slightly white, but let it dry then dampen it slightly with your finger if needed. This absorbs oil and works for hours. Find it at most pharmacies.
  • Simply blot with tissue paper. A temporary solution but it works – blot don’t wipe
  • Use an oil free, mattifying moisturizer, which will help even out oil production by improving your skin. If your skin is dehydrated (very possible even if it is oil), then it will produce more oil to compensate.

6. Consider a bit of make up – seriously!

If you have uneven skin, breakouts, or anything that really annoys you – feel free to use some of the good make up out there. No one needs to know!

You can get products to even out skin tone (usually green tinted, but they require some experimentation), or simply matte/translucent powders. Clinique is a good brand worth looking at. A thin layer of powder is undetectable and works really well.

> Just be sure to get the right color for your skin, go into a Sephora or department store. You just have to do it once. (Another option is to order a few online that you think will match, then return those that don’t… Check the return policies first).

7. Take care of your skin, it’s worth it! Extra skin care tips for men:

These are special skin care tips for men, since you do have specific needs.

But, skin is still skin, so remember the following:

  • Protection and maintenance are always better than trying to deal with problems. Good cleansing/exfoliation, quality products, and sunscreen are the way to go
  • Ingredients that actually do something for your skin: Retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera (very soothing)
  • If all else fails, simply use your girlfriend/wife/sister’s skin care products (this might be the best tip on the page?!)


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