Zinc For Acne
Is it the Missing Link for Clear Skin?

You may have heard of taking zinc for acne as one of the numerous suggestions for clearing your skin.

However, this is one suggestion that does have good reasons behind it and may help you. For some people this really can be the missing link, and it's a simple thing to do!

Zinc For Acne

Everybody's acne condition is different, but zinc for acne is definitely worth trying. It can make such an improvement that you don't have to do anything else.

Even if you have severe cystic acne (or especially if) it is worth trying...

Is A Lack Of Zinc Responsible For Your Acne Condition?

Zinc is a mineral that has big roles to play in your body (source):

  • cell metabolism and growth- vital for the health and look of your skin. If cells are functioning optimally they are able to fight inflammation, stay strong, and repair faster
  • immune system - does your skin get worse when you are sick or feeling run down? It's all reflected on your skin
  • it's important for your liver - the liver is your body's detoxifier, and is critical in keeping your hormonal system in balance (big acne alert!)
  • wound healing - vital for acne, the proper healing of skin tissue can decrease scarring and the time it takes for a cyst or pimple to disappear

Why Taking Zinc Supplements May Be Your Answer

As far as internal remedies for acne go, often it's more beneficial to include rather than eliminate. For example - including zinc supplements instead of trying to exclude all sugar, refined carbs and salt.

Two reasons why this is better:

1) It's just easier - taking a supplement a day versus the will power and guilt that comes with trying to cut out certain 'bad things' isn't comparable!

2) It can actually make a bigger difference - even if you do manage to eliminate 'bad stuff' for long enough, it won't help your skin much if your body is still missing vital nutrients and minerals

How To Know If Taking Zinc For Acne Is Right For You:

It's a simple answer - try it!

If you add a supplement like zinc and notice your skin improving after several days to a month (without making other significant changes) you will know it's the right thing to do. Remember supplements take a good month to really kick in.

With my own skin, when I've gone through periods of annoyingly persistent acne breakouts (hate them!), actual diet changes didn't make a big difference.

What helped was either trying a different external approach or including a particular supplement (Omega 3 supplements made a significant improvement in my skin as well and I still take them to this day).

How To Take Zinc For Acne

Zinc requires a bit of caution as too much isn't a good thing either - it can deplete other important minerals in your body such as copper and iron, which makes certain conditions worse.

The FDA recommends 11mg for men and 8mg for women daily (for normal functioning). You will most likely have to take more to see an improvement and other factors like dietary intake also play a big role. 

See your health care practitioner, especially if you have severe cystic acne. They will make sure your dose is balanced and high enough to make a difference.

*(Be sure to see your doctor or health care professional before taking any form of supplements. This article is information only and not to be taken as medical advice).


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