The Top 10 Skin Care Products
- Under $10 - 

Top 10 skin care products - there really is no need to spend a fortune on skin care, and in some cases, there is no need to even spend more than $10! 

The products on this page are all incredibly inexpensive and incredibly GOOD. They are basic, and they get the job done - often better than something you might pay five times as much for. 

Remember, when it comes to skin care it is about what works. For great skin on a great budget, you can't go past these products. 


1. St Ive's Apricot Scrub

Top 10 Skin Care Products Under $10

This "old school" classic facial scrub still makes the top 10 skin care product list today. It is cheap, and it is effective. (You can find it for under $4 from Wal-Mart!)

Grainy manual scrubs aren't the best for exfoliating however they do have their place. I think of this one as a first step to be followed by a chemical exfoliator in your routine. Think of it like "scrubbing your day off".

The grains are fine (but scrub gently!), it smell good, and most important of all it feels good

It is really beneficial for the jaw, forehead, and nose area. Sometimes the cheeks can be a bit sensitive and may not like the scrub so much. But keep a tube of this in your shower and enjoy, you really can't go wrong with it!

2. Pure Vitamin E Oil

100% pure Vitamin E oil is thick (a little goes a very long way), ultra hydrating, is a powerful antioxidant, and is cheap!

Vitamin E is one of those ingredients that has actually be proven to have anti aging and skin hydrating benefits. AND it is better to apply it topically than taken internally (at least for your skin...). 

Because it is so thick, you might want to cut it with another oil such as jojoba. Or, do what I do and apply it to your skin first, massage in gently, wait a minute then apply your moisturizer over top.

  • Vitamin E oil acts as a hydrating, smoothing, plumping serum and really does make a difference.
  • It is just as good if not better than most eye creams out there - say bye bye to fine lines around the eyes. 
  • Use it on your cuticles for healthy nails, on your heels and feet, elbows, ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! 
  • Your skin will glow! You don't want to be without this simple oil!

You can find it at pharmacys or stores such as Wal-mart in the pharmacy section (this is where you find the cheaper generic products, rather than the "branded" products in the skin care or beauty section).

3. Two of the BEST Facial Moisturizers (for under $6!!!)

TRUE STORY: my skin was breaking out badly. For months. Nothing I did worked, it was constant deep pimples. Then I remembered my own advice (!) and went through my skin care over the past month or two.

Aha! I'd started using an Estee Lauder face cream.... which is a great product. Except... it was not great for me. I thought that might be the culprit so I stopped using it, and my skin cleared up within two weeks

So what's the lesson? It is NOT necessary to spend a large amount on skin care, as sometimes your skin will just not like it - even if it is a quality product and may be worth the price for some people.

- I found a "dupe" for an Olay Moisturizer at Winco Superstore for $2.88 that is GREAT. Yes, $2.88.

It is a basic moisturizer, that hydrates and does not clog your skin. That is really, seriously all you need (if your skin is fairly "normal" in general)...

Here it is, along with a another PERFECT option:

4. Witch Hazel

Forget the expensive toners and just use witch hazel. It is refreshing, pore refining, and really cheap. 

  • Use it as a quick refreshing cleanser at the end of the day (or before and after a workout when you want to avoid clogged pores). Great for traveling!
  • Use it as a toner after cleansing and exfoliating to really ensure clean skin (continue to use it until the cotton wool ball is clean).
  • Use it on a cotton bud to clean the outside of your ears (also good for your pet dog's ears!)
  • It really is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. If you have oily or acne prone skin, use it DAILY.

TIP - Buy your witch hazel from a pharmacy or a store like Wal-Mart, where they stock generic brands. This way you can get yours for less than $5, whereas a "brand" name may cost $10 or more for the exact same product! 

5. A Blackhead Extractor Tool

Yes it is okay to extract blackheads sometimes - the ones that are "ready" to come out.

Using a blackhead extractor can be a great way to get rid of old clogged pores, and even though they will "fill" up again, if you take care of your skin properly (see this page), extracting can be an important step in helping to clear up blackheads. 

Plus.... it is just fun!

You can get for less than a few dollars, like this one from*

They make fast, quick work of blackheads and are less damaging than finger squeezing. Be sure to learn how to use one properly on this page >

6. Old-Fashioned Drawing Salve

Originally used for drawing out boils or splinters, drawing salve can also work to "draw out" deep pimples. 

If you have a deep blind pimple or acne cyst, applying drawing salve to it can draw it to a head so that it can disappear faster. Forget the fancy pimple creams and use Grandma's remedy instead!

(See this page for more details on how to use it >)

7. Coppertone Sheer Face Sunscreen

Essentially, all sunscreen products are the same. There is no need to fork out $50 for a fancy brand name.

You need one that doesn't clog pores, and protects your skin from the sun. That's it!

Coppertone Sheer Face Sunscreen is the best I have found. It is truly sheer, feels light going on, is easy to apply makeup on top of, works well, and is under $10!

You can find it at stores like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Target, also on*.

8. Pure Jojoba Oil

Similar to Vitamin E (above), pure Jojoba Oil is a cheap and very effective skin moisturizer and protector.

It is much lighter than Vitamin E Oil, and is therefore it is great to apply after to "cut" the thickness of the vitamin e and make it easier to massage into your skin. 

  • Jojoba Oil is a great oil for acne prone skins as it is light
  • Also great for anti aging or dry skin as it....
  • Use it for a quick nightly facial massage, which will hydrate and tone your skin in one go
  • Can also be used as a make up remover, either all over your face (apply to dry skin and wash off with your cleanser), or just for eye makeup. It is GREAT for waterproof mascara!

100% jojoba oil on* (organic)

Don't bother paying for any of those expensive oils with added ingredients that just make the label look better, and the price much higher.... instead, just look for 100% pure jojoba oil, and you shouldn't pay more than $10!

9. VASELINE or Petroleum Jelly

Everyone needs a pot of Vaseline in their cosmetic cupboard and handbag and car and...

Use it:

  • Apply a thin layer over your moisturizer at night to rehydrate skin within 3 days
  • Dab some under your eyes to help keep this area supple - i.e. prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dab some over your makeup for a healthy glow (much cheaper and more natural looking than those expensive "highlighters" and "strobe creams" you can buy for that very reason...)
  • Apply it to cuticles daily to keep them healthy and shiny
  • Want to get it even cheaper? Go for a "non-brand name", such as CVS or any other generic, you can often find big jars of it at a dollar store. It is all the same - petroleum jelly!

10. Baby Lotion (for a body moisturizer)

Baby lotion is a simple, hydrating, protecting lotion that is GREAT for a cheap body lotion. It also makes you smell like baby powder, put it on before bed for a good sleep, guaranteed!

But really, baby lotion is made with ingredients including glycerin which is an excellent humectant, and is found in all the more expensive body lotions. And because it is made for babies, it is great if you have sensitive skin. 


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