Tips for Fresh Skin
How To Fake It and Make It!

Tips for fresh skin - What comes to mind when you think of "fresh skin"?

A child's scrubbed face - that smooth glow after a facial?

In other words: clear and clean skin, even tone, healthy color, smooth, plump, glow. Fresh skin also feels good too! 

Tips For Fresh Skin

The good news is, it is very possible to get fresh skin without resorting to a time machine, a beach vacation, or even an expensive facial...

This page has all the tips you need to get that fresh look and feel -  the real way AND how to "fake it" - at least until you make it ;)

Tips For Fresh Skin - The Real Fresh

These tips for fresh skin do help you get that instant glow, but more importantly help with your skin long term. With consistent use, these are the tips that will give you constant, fresh, compliment-worthy skin!

1. Exfoliation - the right way

There is no way you can get fresh skin if it is clogged, dull, sitting under a layer of dead skin cells and oil. Exfoliate the right way and this may be all you need to do for awesome skin:

  • Stay away from "scrubs", these are too harsh and uneven, they don't remove the layers of skin the way they need to. 
  • Instead, use chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Glycolic acid in particular is phenomenal for evenly dissolving dead skin cells and oil - revealing fresh, soft skin underneath! 
  • Quality exfoliation = quality skin. Simple.

2. Hydrate - from the outside in

Yes, we all know we should drink water for good skin... I won't bore you by repeating it.

Instead, to get glowing fresh skin, concentrate on also hydrating from the outside. This is where the real difference can be seen in appearance - you might be surprised at the difference it makes:

  • I'm talking about hydrating the surface layers of your skin - keeping these cells plump and happy with give you that smooth, fresh glow that looks amazing.
  • Use a humidifier in your bedroom - wake up with better skin (as a bonus its also great for allergies, dry mouth, preventing headaches etc etc). By "better" skin, I mean less fine lines, a plumper look, more moisture and just better! Check out one here on
  • Another way to wake up with fresh looking skin is to apply a layer of Vaseline at night. This helps prevent too much moisturizer being lost over night, and once it is cleansed off in the morning you will feel and see the difference! 

3. Toners/Sprays - look and feel fresh

Toners are an optional skin care addition. But when it comes to getting fresh skin, they do work. Carry a small spray bottle of rose water or, if your skin is oily, witch hazel, and spritz throughout the day. 

Using a toner after cleansing can also give you that extra "clean", fresh feeling - it can be surprising how much makeup is still on your face after what you thought was a really good cleanse!

4. Fresh foods for fresher skin - how to eat properly

Food can make a difference to how you feel and look. Here's how to do it properly for fresh skin:

  • Bloat = no where near fresh. To combat bloat, make sure you eat plenty of lean protein. Cut back on "bad" carbs and increase "good" ones. These 2 points alone can tighten up your contours in no time. 
  • Also, make sure you eat enough (good food). If your body is not getting fed, it will hold onto fat and water. Get your diet steady, concentrate on nourishing yourself, and you will see and feel a significant difference. 
  • Good fresh, glow foods are: watermelon, celery, boiled eggs (the best snack), purple grapes, salmon. 
  • Need to look fresh for a big date? Concentrate on the above foods along with plenty of water for at least the day before - these will help remove fluid retention and keep your skin even.
  • Know your triggers - do carbs make you look bloated or puffy? Too much coffee gives you red, irritated skin? Too much sugar dulls you? Take notice and try to cut back. 

How To "Fake" The Freshness Skin Care Tips

1. Vaseline - the ultimate "glow" faker

Vaseline is an overlooked skin miracle. Want to look like you just stepped out of the spa? Pat a small amount of Vaseline over your skin - top of cheek bones, under brows, tip of chin...

Whether you do this over make up or clean skin, this is the ultimate fake fresh skin care tip.

2. Ice it...

This tip isn't the most comfortable - but it is an easy and very powerful way to get that glow:

  • Gently run an ice cube over clean skin, concentrating on the cheek area to decrease puffiness - start from the center of your face and stroke out towards your ear.
  • It only takes a minute or two - don't do it too long as you could over-ice your skin and cause redness and irritation. 
  • Another easy way to get almost the same benefit is to simply splash your face with cold water several times.
  • The same goes for blasting the cold water at the end of your shower! This will wake you up, give you a jolt of energy, tighten your skin and give you a proper glow!

3. Steam it

If you want a real fresh, plump glow, hold your head over a bowl of steaming water for about 10mins. Make a "tent" with a towel to trap the steam in (with a little breathing hole of course...)

This hydrates that top layer of skin cells, opens/clears pores, and can decrease puffiness. Finish with a few splashes of cold water and enjoy your new complexion!

4. Temporary tightening treatments

1)    Whip up an egg white mask - literally whip one egg white and apply to clean skin for 10minutes. This temporarily tightens and brightens for fresher looking skin.

2)    Lie on your back and give yourself a quick facial massage, concentrating on movements from the center of your face outwards. This smoothes contours, drains fluid, and increases blood flow (see more details here >).

3)    If you have more money to spend, take a look at the NuFace facial contouring machine. This is an at-home galvanic treatment that really does temporarily "lift" and smooth. By using it with the gel (or organic Aloe Vera gel is even better), you will definitely notice fresher, younger looking skin - instantly.

Check out the reviews on* here for more details >

There are your ultimate tips for fresh skin - I suggest following the first few for consistent, healthy skin, and add in the temporary glow-getters whenever you need.


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