The Famous "Lancer Method"
Is this REALLY how you should be using your skin care?

You might have heard of the 'Lancer Method'...or not.

Harold Lancer MD is the 'dermatologist to the stars', with his own line of products (of course you can use this method without having to buy his expensive products! How-to below...)

He has books (see below) and numerous TV appearances: 

Dr Lancer's book Younger on*

Dr Lancer's well-known Lancer Method is actually fairly basic. He claims it is THE way to get great skin. 

So what is it and is it really worth doing?

All You Need to Know About The Lancer Method:

  • Very briefly: Lancer believes you should be polishing/exfoliating your skin FIRST, followed by your cleanser
  • Why? Because exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin which provides the perfect canvas for your cleanser to actually do it's job.
  • So, rather than just cleansing the surface of your skin and possibly not doing much else, switching the steps allows a deeper cleanse.
  • It makes sense - and could be well worth doing
The Lancer Method

Here is my tweaked suggestion:

  1. Instead of using an exfoliation product first - try washing your face with a clean, warm wash cloth before anything else. This provides a gentle exfoliation and is highly effective for removing makeup and grime.
  2. THEN massage your cleanser in for a good 30seconds. 
  3. The best time to apply an exfoliation product such as Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid is still after cleansing skin - you do want these to work on cleansed skin. In fact, these 3 steps may be the absolute best way to use these products - the previous two steps will allow the acid product to do an even better job.
  4. Apply your moisturizer.

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You might just find that the added step of cleansing with a wash cloth first really does make a difference to how clean your skin feels, and ultimately how clear and healthy it becomes.

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Try it!

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