Probiotics for Acne
Do They Help? How To Use Them the Right Way

Probiotics for acne -  your "gut" has a huge role to play in the health and appearance of your skin!

Probiotics for acne

Probiotics can help treat acne - find out why and how to take them below...

What Do Probiotics Do Exactly?

Probiotics are supplements that help increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut. 

We play host to a zillion bacteria in our gut and digestive tract.

They break down the food we eat so our body can absorb the nutrients. 

Plus, they support our immune system and protect from invasions of bad bacteria.

What's it got to do with your skin? Too much bad bacteria leads to inflammationacne, bloating, fatigue, stress, painful joints, irritable bowel, and the list goes on.

Essentially they are a like a tiny army fighting for our wellbeing.

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This balance of bacteria is also vital for our digestion...

If digestion isn't working properly your body can't eliminate toxins or absorb nutrients as well - and this can often be manifested on the surface of skin.

Symptoms: Imbalance, Fatigue, Stress, Bloating and Acne

These can all be signs of inflammation caused by an imbalance in gut flora.

You may not have put the two together until now - but if you are suffering from acne at the same time as experiencing:

  • bloating, fatigue, poor digestion and/or irritability 

... your gut bacteria may be out of balance.

How To Use Probiotics For Acne:

Using probiotics for acne* is a successful solution, but is also one that requires a bit of patience.

Any treatment that involves the whole body can take a few weeks to show effect.

You may find a difference sooner than this, particularly in general gut health.

But allow yourself between 3 to 6 weeks to really notice a big change.

Be persistent, and your whole body will thank you, not just your skin!

The Easiest Way - Supplements and How To Use Them

Taking a pill form is convenient! 

And you get a significantly higher number of readily available bacteria strains this way than trying to get enough in your daily diet. 

A good quality probiotic will deliver live strains of bacteria that are still potent in pill form - at least 1 billion organisms per gram is the recommended starting point.

What to look for on the labels?

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus &
  • Bifido bacterium 

(Source: Energy Times Magazine)

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The Importance Of Probiotics After ANTI-biotics

Antibiotics are often prescribed for acne as they control the bad bacteria that is responsible for inflammation.

A course of antibiotics for acne can be a very successful treatment.

But antibiotics can destroy the GOOD bacteria as well. 

Antibiotics can irritate your stomach causing digestion problems, bloating and fatigue. 

For these reasons it's very important to repopulate your gut with good bacteria after taking a course of antibiotics, for your skin/acne or otherwise.

Good Bacterial Balance = Good Skin

Keeping the bacterial balance in our guts happy is vital for overall health.

By taking probiotics for acne* you may find not only your skin clears up - but energy levels increase, bloating decreases, and immunity improves!


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