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Oil Free Moisturizing Gel
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Oil Free Moisturizing Gel - ready to get great skin?

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Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

The Basics:

Your Oil Free Moisturizing Gel is the perfect moisturizer for oily, acne and blemish prone skin.

All skins need hydration yet it is surprisingly common for the wrong moisturizer to only exasperate skin problems. 

This moisturizing gel will not clog your pores or cause reactions. Here is how to use it for best results:

  • This is a light gel - but a little goes a long way! One pump should be sufficient to cover your entire face
  • Gently glide it on, no need to massage it in as it will soak up fast
  • If your skin is "combination" with drier cheeks/forehead etc, you can apply a heavier cream to these areas after using this gel. A simple hydrating lotion or cream will work best
  • During the day, the Oil Free Moisturizing Gel is the perfect layer - it will give your skin hydration and protection while helping to control oil

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