18 Serious Natural Skin Care Tips

Want natural skin care tips that actually helpful - that you may have never heard before?

This page has 18 natural tips that work. Some are simple but it is the details that matter. 

The details about why and how you should be using them... 

Natural Skin Care Tips

Follow the natural skin care tips on this page, and you may be surprised at the difference they can make to your skin. Enjoy!

18 Natural Skin Care Tips That Actually Work:

1. Beauty Sleep - it's your sleep position that matters!

Sleep is important for skin, but what is overlooked is how important your sleep position is!

Not only does your face get squashed for several hours a night if you sleep on your stomach, this position leads to a tense neck and shoulders (see Tip #3)  - that in turn pulls your face down, creating saggy, tense looking skin. 

Further, the stomach position actually causes a puffy face, and gives a less restful sleep. Side sleeping is better, but still not ideal...

By sleeping on your back:

  • You allow "gravity" to help you (ever noticed how much younger your face looks when you take a selfie lying on your back??)
  • This naturally allows toxins and water retention to drain to your lymph nodes, everything moves freely - this is what prevents the puffiness from other positions
  • It is better for your neck and spine, which makes you happier in general! It also ensures better blood flow, and less tension in your face

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach - because it is comforting! - it can be a hard habit to break.

Just be conscious of it during the night, it can take time to "train" yourself into a different sleep position. This is a really natural skin care tip is also linked to the next one:

2. Why Your Neck and Shoulder Muscles Matter for Your Face 

All muscles in the body are connected. If your neck, shoulder, and chest muscles are tight and tense, so is your face. These muscles pull your face down, creating sagging, tense, premature aging skin. 

This is a subtle fact that is really important and almost always overlooked!  

Keep your neck, chest and shoulders tension-free with regular massages and stretching, and you will feel and see the difference in your face!

3. The Natural Make Up Remover that also saves your skin - Almond Oil

One of the most important natural skin care tips to keep in mind is the movement of your skin. The way you remove your eye makeup is an overlooked but very important point.

Chemical or alcohol based products that cause dehydration, pulling the wrong direction etc, all lead to premature aging of the eye area.

How to prevent this?

Use Almond Oil as your make up remover:

  • This natural oil helps make up slide off (oil binds with oil and removes it easily)
  • You can be very gentle with it so no pulling or skin damage is required - gently massage it around the eyes for several seconds until your makeup slides off
  • Remove with warm cotton balls or a clean wash cloth
  • Almond oil is naturally nourishing and lubricating so it is like an extra treatment for your eye area as well
  • It is also beneficial for your eyelashes - helping to nourish them which in turn helps them grow healthier, longer and thicker

Another natural, cheap product that has multiple uses and benefits is...

4. Witch Hazel - Natures Tonic

Of all the natural skin care products you can use, Witch Hazel is one of the best.

This is a refreshing, cleansing treatment that can be used multiple times a day if needed. Apply with a cotton ball and gently smooth it over your skin.

  • Use it as a toner after cleansing to ensure all makeup and grime is removed (its always interesting to see how much makeup or dirt comes off on the cotton ball after cleaning!)
  • Use it instead of cleansing! Often in the mornings I will simply use Witch Hazel*, then carry on with the rest of my routine.
  • It is excellent before a work out to remove pore clogging make up and oil (that can combine with sweat and cause breakouts)
  • Perfect after a work out to cleanse and refresh skin!
  • Use Witch Hazel* anytime you need a refresh. It helps refine pores, tighten and smooth skin, and rebalance oil production

5. Facial Massage for a DIY natural facelift

Natural skin care tips and the word "facelift" usually don't go together.

However, it is possible to get an instant natural facelift with a few moves. The affect temporary but if you do it consistently it will make a difference to your appearance in the long term.

Lift your eyebrows, lift cheeks, contour your jawline - all can be done. This requires a video demonstration to see the moves and the results - check out this page.

6. Back to Basics - Use a Wash Cloth!

The best natural skin care tips are the most basic.

Like this: Use a wash cloth to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. 

It is highly effective at removing makeup and grime, and good at getting to hard to sometimes-neglected areas like the side of the nose and temples.

A face cloth is also great to use before cleansing - it gets rid of the first layer of grime so your cleanser can be more effective. This is similar to my modified take on the (expensive) Lancer Method, which you can read about here.

7. How to Use Ice Cubes to decrease inflammation and tighten skin

Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net/khumthong

Inflammation is what causes pimples to be red, sore, and obvious. It is what causes pre-mature aging and uneven, blotchy looking skin. Inflammation really is the main enemy in the fight for healthy, beautiful skin!

Luckily you can use the very simple, natural, humble ice cube to make a difference! Here's how:

  • Gently run an ice cube over your face for a few seconds before applying your moisturizer and make up - this tightens pores, reduces puffiness, and calms any redness
  • Hold an ice cube covered in a paper towel on a pimple when you first see or feel one appear - then as frequently as possible to dramatically reduce its lifespan. This also makes it much less red and inflamed so it is easier to cover up (see this page for more details)
  • Gently run an ice cube under your eyes for a few seconds to "wake up" and reduce puffiness
  • You can also freeze green tea or rose water and use these "special" ice cubes for an added skin boost

TIP - wetting the ice cube first allows it to glide smoother over your skin and prevents the "burn". 

8. Water Intake - a dramatic increase is needed

Yes, the "drink more water" tip has to be included. But wait! What is usually missing is the fact that a dramatic increase is usually needed. This is when you see results.

I'm talking beyond the usual 8 glasses a day, it should be 3 liters minimum. More if you exercise, live in a hot or dry climate, or drink coffee and alcohol. 

It takes a minimum of 3 days to start feeling a difference. Then, you really should notice smoother, plumper looking skin.

Drink more water. Eat watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce. Also make sure your salt intake is adequate as too much water can flush out important minerals. See this page for details.

9. Face Lift Exercises - the ONLY three you need to do

You can watch endless Youtube videos to learn 50 different face lift exercises, or even buy courses that promise to give you a natural facelift in "only" 40 minutes a day!

But all you really need are these 3 moves that target the big areas - the jawline/chin, cheeks, and eyebrows/forehead.

They do work - temporarily at first, but with consistent use can make a subtle long term difference. 

Because they need explanation and are best demonstrated with video, you can get the details on this page.

10. Steam It

Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net/Marin

Steam opens pores, removes toxins, and hydrates skin. This is a simple natural skin treatment you can do at home.

Pour some hot water into a bowl, lean your head over it, and place a towel around your head to make a "tent". Simple!

Do this for 10minutes - be sure to breath... and let your skin release toxins and increase blood flow. It also helps release tension and relax your face - and remember this is important for a youthful appearance!

Splash your face with cool water to finish. You can add your favorite essential oils to the water for a more relaxing experience.

11. The Foundation for Everything - Proper Sleep

Like the drinking water tip, sleep is important to skin - but it is often a dramatic increase in quality or quantity that is needed.

If you feel tired constantly, you can be sure your skin is not at its best. If you've ever managed to get one or two nights of really good sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed, you probably noticed how dramatically different your skin looked!

  • Proper sleep is the foundation to everything else - this one tip alone will do more for your skin than anything else combined

Here is a scientific article that links lack of sleep with premature skin aging. This really is serious stuff!

Of course, proper sleep is hard to get. This site has a lot of good information (beyond the usual) that is actually really helpful when it comes to getting good sleep. 

12. Wake Up With Less Wrinkles - Use a Humidifier in Your Bedroom

If you want to wake up with less fine lines and a smoother complexion, try using a humidifier* in your bedroom.

Especially if you sleep with air conditioning or heat on, this can make a surprising difference to the appearance of your skin. It is so easy, and also relatively cheap - especially for the other health benefits such as better breathing.

You can get good quality ones from Amazon.com, such as the cute wooden one* in the image!

13. Kick-start Clear Skin - Hot Lemon Water

One natural way to get your system moving and flush out toxins is to drink a glass of hot lemon water in the morning. This is one powerful boost to 

This is excellent for getting rid of cellulite! And is a great way to get Vitamin C. 

14. Avoid Water Overload - Too Much of a Good Thing

Water strips oil from your skin. Trying your best (because it is hard) to shorten the length of your showers can improve skin health and hydration dramatically. 

Too much water can cause dehydration and irritation, as the stripping of the protective layer of oil on the surface of your skin leaves it vulnerable to water loss and irritants.

If you notice your skin feels tight after a shower, try to limit your time under the water.

15. Use a Silk or Copper Pillow Case and wake up "wrinkle free"

Beyond forming the habit of sleeping on your back (Tip #1), you can also make the most of your beauty sleep by using either a silk or copper pillow case*:

  • A copper pillow case is an ingenious way to get the anti aging and antioxidant benefits of copper ions - (this pillow case* is supposedly clinically proven to minimize wrinkles in 4weeks!)
  • You spend several hours a night on a pillow, so it makes sense to utilize that time for a beauty treatment...
  • A silk pillow case* doesn't have the same benefits as copper, but they are usually cheaper and are great natural fiber that allows your skin to "slip" over the material - resulting is less fine lines, wrinkles, and irritation (it also keeps your hair smooth)

16. Soaked Gauze Masks 

This is an easy way to make your own sheet masks:

  • Get some gauze strips. 
  • Soak them in milk (lactic acid skin exfoliating benefits) or honey (antibacterial and skin tightening)
  • Place them in the fridge and when cool, apply to your face for 20 minutes

This DIY cloth or sheet mask is a great way to get the benefits of these ingredients in a more intense way. The gauze allow them to stay in contact with your skin, and makes it far less messy to apply!

Besides, it is much cheaper and more fun to do it yourself!

17. Natural Eye Refresher - Mashed Cucumber Mask

Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net/Sommai

Refresh tired, puffy eyes and reduce redness by mashing up the inner flesh of a cucumber and applying it under your eyes for 20 minutes.

Doing it this way instead of the old cucumber slices work better - it is the inner flesh which has the hydrating and astringent properties you need. Mashing it allows the cucumber to actually be in contact with your skin, and it is extra refreshing. 

This also works as a pimple spot treatment - apply some to the top of a red, swollen pimple for at least 20 minutes to decrease swelling and redness.

18. Lighten Skin Naturally - with tomatoes...

Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net/khumthong

The thought of this one kind of grosses me out. But it does work!

Mash up a couple of fresh tomatoes and apply the paste to skin for 20minutes. This needs to be done consistently and frequently to see benefits - at least 3 times a week

If you're using this as a spot treatment - a pigmentation spot for example - everyday is preferable. 

Tomatoes contain natural acids and vitamins such as Vitamin A that help lighten skin pigmentation, provide antioxidant support, and exfoliate skin for a smooth, brighter complexion. 

The humble tomato - one of natures best natural skin care tips!

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