How To Treat Cystic Acne
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How to treat cystic acne - this frustrating condition can be treated.

You have options, and your smartest move is knowing what these are, and which ones might work for you. 

This page has all the details, be on your way to clear skin!

How to treat cystic acne

Let's start with the simple often-overlooked cause that has an easy treatment.

The rest of the page will go over the other reasons for cystic acne and exactly what you can do about it. 

How to Treat Cystic Acne - it can be simple

Sometimes a cystic acne condition can have a simple cause. This is so often completely overlooked but so easy to deal with! This:

A skin care product you are using.

The wrong product for your skin - whether a moisturizer or make up - can absolutely cause cystic acne.

Deep, painful, relentless pimples and cysts may be a reaction to a product that:

  • Is too rich for your skin. E.g. Estee Lauder moisturizers and creams, great products but they are rich and some skins just don't do well with them
  • Has an ingredient that causes a reaction in your skin (inflammation)
  • Is too drying, too disrupting, or otherwise unsuitable for your skin. This causes a severe imbalance in oil production, skin cell turnover, compromised protective barrier, and so on

What to do about it:

It is all about the process of elimination my friend. 

If there is a product you suspect is the culprit, start with that one. I suggest starting with a moisturizer, sunscreen, or make up/foundation/bronzer - i.e. something that is left on your skin.

Here is how to treat cystic acne the simple way:

  • Stop using that product for at least one week, preferably two. Do not change anything else about your routine

It becomes very obvious very quickly if this is the cause.

Pimples and cysts will lessen, new ones will stop erupting, and in one to two weeks you might be surprised at the difference.

If your skin doesn't improve, reintroduce that product and eliminate another. It might seem laborious but it is so worth it.

If this is the cause this is all you will need to do...

Stop using that product.



If you've tried the above and got no results, the following are other options that work for treating cystic acne.

Part Two - How to treat cystic acne - internal and lifestyle stuff

Because skin is directly influenced by hormones, this is an extremely common cause.

Hormones are in turn influenced by a lot - stress, lifestyle, natural changes, diet, general health, contraception etc etc...

  • Females can have great success with either stopping or starting the contraceptive pill. This is worth seeing your doctor about - at least to discuss options
  • We all know how stress effects us - overhauling your life to "stress less" is usually not a viable option, so...

  • Try to just focus on quality sleep (great article here), and the right products can make a significant difference even if the original cause of your cystic acne is internal (see below)
  • If your cystic acne began or got worse after a move, pregnancy, illness, or another event, your skin will usually balance itself eventually. Deal with it in the meantime by using the right products (details on that below), and doing what you can to look after yourself

What about medication for cystic acne?

Definitely a viable option.

I am not advocating medication, the side effects are very real. But if your skin is bad and it makes you feel bad; if it seems impossible to treat - at least talk to a good doctor

It can really help. 

Part 3 - Treating cystic acne with products and treatments

No matter what the cause of cystic acne, the right skin care products can make all the difference. 

The pimples, cysts, blackheads, inflammation, are all the symptom of whatever is happening to make your skin breakout.

So, by using products that deal with this symptom you can get rid of it.

Or at the very least control it while you take other steps - and the confidence and relief clearer skin will give you is beyond valuable...

The right products for cystic acne must:

  • Consistent exfoliation - when it comes to how to treat cystic acne this is itDissolve oil and dead skin cells to prevent blockages consistently because it will rebalance and clear skin, and brighten your complexion. Recommended products are below.
  • Deep cleanse to remove oil, dirt and bacteria from deep within your pores where cysts form
  • Anti inflammatory action to reduce redness and pain
  • Hydration and protection to allow skin to rebalance, stay comfortable, and improve it's long term health and appearance 

The following products are highly recommended:

Bona Fide Skin Care Products take care of all of the above. By using simple but active ingredients our products actually make a difference to your skin:


If you only try one product this should be it. Salicylic acid gets right into pores, dissolves oil and blockages, and rebalances your skin.

See a recent customer review below:

"Yes! Finally something for this cystic acne! I self diagnosed it but I'm sure thats what it is. It comes up every now and then and has a huge knot under it. It's sore and bothersome and ugly. It stays for months no matter what I try. Until now! This cleared it up in two weeks! Thanks so much!"

See more customer reviews and product details here >


This product provides hydration and protection while keeping pores - which is clear especially vital after the above exfoliation. It will also leave your skin feeling refreshed.

A recent customer review:

"Best moisturizer I've ever used. I can't believe how great it is! It's light AND gets the job done. Other oil free moisturizers I've tried make my skin overly greasy and cause dry patches in certain areas. A little dab really will do. It goes a loooooong way and actually does what it says it will do. Go figure."

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With bentonite clay, zinc oxide, sulphur, salicylic acid and more, this is the ultimate clay mask for acne. It is very good for decreasing inflammation, calming skin, providing exfoliation and clarity. 

It can also be used as a spot treatment to help deal with individual pimples, cysts - and congested blackhead areas.

See customer reviews and product details here >

And that is how to treat cystic acne.

By being realistic, remembering that is can have numerous causes and while these are helpful to determine the most important thing is the right treatment.


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