How To Treat Hormonal Pimples

Hormonal pimples are one of the most baffling types of pimples.

Their causes, patterns and moods don't always make sense... this page will solve the mystery and help you deal with hormonal pimples!

Hormonal Pimples

Maybe yours pop up once a month like clockwork, while you have perfect skin the rest of the time.

Or perhaps they appeared suddenly - your skin changed, and now you're having a hard time getting rid of them!

Full blown hormonal acne or just a few breakouts...

Thankfully treating them doesn't have to be so frustrating. 

Read on for the steps that can make a significant difference to your skin...

What Makes A Pimple Hormonal?

Sometimes you just know you're dealing with a hormonal breakout (if you're reading this page it's likely you do ;) - but here are some of their usual characteristics: 

  • Usually they appear around the chin and jaw area, especially on women
  • Can appear very quickly. Go to bed with clear skin, wake up with 7 new pimples!
  • Can be deep and painful, no matter how big they are - even the 'little' ones can give you grief

*Important - a lifestyle change can trigger a hormonal disruption in the first place, which often has more physical and mental symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, cravings etc. Please see your doctor for specific help with this, especially if you have these other symptoms.

How To Treat Hormonal Pimples

There are 2 important ways to treat hormonal pimples and acne - externally with the right products, and 'internally' or holistically by doing what you can to help your body rebalance.

Tips for both are below...

1. How To Treat Hormonal Pimples Externally -
The Right Skin Care Products

Breakouts and pimples can be treated successfully with the right skin care - no matter what their cause.

By treating the pimple causing skin reactions (excess oil production, dead skin cells, inflammation etc), you can greatly decrease them.

Here's how:

1) Use salicylic acid consistently - this is one of the most important ways to treat and prevent breakouts.

It dissolves oil and dead skin cells not only on the surface of your skin, but also deep inside your pores. Reduces inflammation and brightens your skin tone... Plus, it's one of the best ways to get rid of blackheads. 

See our Salicylic Daily Exfoliator for more details.

Using a salicylic exfoliator is a vital - and very easy - step. 

2. Use a good oil free moisturizer - keeping pores clear with the right cleanser and exfoliation is one thing, but the wrong moisturizer can re-clog them almost instantly!  

An oil free moisturizer will provide vital hydration and protection, which in turn helps skin to rebalance.

3. Clay mask 1 - 2 times weekly - a simple face mask with bentonite clay used 1 or 2 times weekly will deep cleanse pores, reduce inflammation and help control oil.

*TIP A small amount of clay mask applied directly on top of a pimple overnight can dramatically decrease it's size and impact by morning. Try it!



The steps above may be very simple, but don't let that fool you! They involve minor tweaks to your routine that can make all the difference.  

(See more about the Salicylic Daily Exfoliator and how it will help clear your skin here)

2. Treating Hormonal Pimples Internally - Lifestyle/Health Tips

Below are some tips to help rebalance your body from the inside.

(Remember, it's important to see your doctor if you are going through a significant change):

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  • If you break out once a month consistently (usually females), consider speaking to  your doctor about your contraception options. Whether it's the pill or an IUD, it can have an important effect on your skin. 
  • Keep a journal (a simple calendar works well) and note down when your pimples appear. 
  • After a couple of months you will see a pattern and should be able to predict with alarming accuracy when a breakout is about to erupt
  • Once you can see this pattern, take steps in the week or days before they will appear to lessen their impact. For example: optimizing sleep, increasing vegetable and water intake, using a clay mask, plus the tips below...
  • The obvious - good sleep and exercise. Both help keep stress at bay. If you have to choose one, choose the exercise - a side effect of it is better sleep naturally :)
  • Sugar - sugar causes hormonal spikes and crashes. Try cutting down for minimum one week and see if it makes a difference. 

Your hormonal pimples are frustrating. Sometimes, it can be a matter of 'waiting out' whatever is causing them (ie. change in contraception, stressful life event etc).

But you can make a significant difference by following the tips on this page - in particular the external skin care which can cut through the other factors.

Having clear skin does help you deal with whatever else life throws at you!

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