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Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5%

- Extra tips and details for the best use -

Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% - Ready to get great skin?

Glycolic acid is one of the best active ingredients you can use. By dissolving dead skin cells and the "glue" that holds them together it provides an even, continuous exfoliation that can do wonders for your skin.

This page has extra details about Bona Fide Skin Care's Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% - get the most out of your product by following the tips on this page. This includes "advanced" tips if you have been using it for a while and are ready to increase results!

There is also a FAQ section at the end.

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Our aim is for you to have the best skin possible. Enjoy your product, and enjoy great skin!

This page covers: 

  1. Pre-mature aging/fine lines/dull skin
  2. Blackheads, oily and congested skin
  3. Acne prone skin

The Basics: How to use and what to expect

Glycolic Daily Exfoliator

Here is what to expect when you first start using your Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% - this is always good to know especially if you haven't used an active acid before:

  • It is very common to feel a slight "stinging" or tingling when you first start using your Glycolic Exfoliator, however it isn't necessary. This depends on your skin. Some people will "feel" it every time, others never, and others only for the first few times of use. So don't worry  - it is still working even if you don't "feel" it! 
  • Use a cotton ball or gauze pad and apply enough of the product so it is "wet" when you apply it to your skin. Use a gentle buffing motion to apply - no need for pressure - and cover the areas you wish to treat (avoid the eye area above the orbital bones, lips, and any other areas where your skin may be sensitive).
  • At first, leave it on for about 10seconds (unless it really stings, then rinse off straight away). Again, everyone's skin is different but this is a good starting point to see how your skin reacts. If everything is fine, continue to leave it on for this amount of time or increase to 20 - 30 seconds over the next couple of weeks. 

What you might notice:

  • It is normal and expected that your skin may become dry and slightly irritated/red in the first 1 - 3 weeks of use. Your skin needs to "get used" to the acid, skin cell turnover is increasing, and good things are happening :) Continue to use it and it will improve - however cut down on frequency any time you need (every 2nd or 3rd night for example). 
  • You might notice your skin starting to "purge" in the first few weeks. This depends on the condition of it to start. This is a good thing but can also be annoying! Breakouts might come to the surface and your pores may open. Keep using it to help clear this up. 

Use for certain skin types and problems:

1. Pre-mature aging/fine lines/dull skin

The Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% helps to speed up cell turnover - resulting in smoother younger looking skin. It removes dead skin cell layers resulting in a brighter, more even complexion.

Nightly use is ideal for this - apply a layer and leave on skin for 10 seconds to 1 minute. If your skin is dry or sensitive you may like to use it every second or third night.

Any serum or antioxidant treatment you use will work much better after using this exfoliator as the even exfoliation ensures those ingredients will get to the skin cells that need them!

2. Blackheads, oily and congested skin

If you have blackheads or congestion in specific areas (usually around the nose) concentrate the product here. You can apply the product to your entire face, and apply a second layer to the nose only.

Remember any peeling is normal (but not vital) in the beginning - and this seems to be more common on the nose area. Keep using it and this will improve.

A quick application in the morning before applying make up or simply getting ready for the day will help to reduce the appearance of blackheads. 

3. Acne prone skin

Use as above, however because your skin is likely to be oily as well, you may be able to leave it on for longer (up to 2 minutes).

Keep using it as it will work to clear any breakouts already on the surface, and also prevent knew ones from forming.

Glycolic acid also help to rebalance oil production and remove dead skin cells, which helps to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

Remember to use a non clogging moisturizer after and be aware of other products you are using (for example, foundation or sunscreen). As these can negate the effects of proper exfoliation since they go on after and stay on your skin!

"Advanced" usage and extra tips:

  1. Optional - concentrate on oily/congested areas. If you have a combination skin type you may want to avoid drier or more sensitive areas sometimes (i.e. use it every night but only apply to those areas every 2nd or 3rd night).

These are optional tips if you have been using this product for a while, your skin is used to, and you want to increase results. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can come back to it later!

  • You can leave this product on for up to 5minutes. Glycolic acid does the most work in the first minute or two, so the returns are slightly diminishing when left on for longer. However, it does make a difference up to this point. Want to really step it up? See the next tip:
  • To increase results quickly, layer applications of the exfoliator. Apply one layer as usual, wait 30seconds, then apply another layer. Leave both on for up to 1 minute (depending on skin), then rinse off. This is much more effective than leaving one layer on for a longer amount of time. 
  • Skip your cleanser altogether. Who needs it?! Your Glycolic Daily Exfoliator can be used as an exfoliating cleanser - simply buff onto your skin to remove makeup (it is very effective at this) and the days grime. Rinse, and repeat for best results! Do this until the cotton ball is "clean", meaning all makeup and dirt is gone! Two products in one :)
  • Apply rubbing alcohol in a thin layer to skin beforehand, wait for it to dry, then apply your Glycolic Daily Exfoliator. This ensures all oil is removed and skin is thoroughly dry - so the acid will work 100% at its best - this is also the process for stronger peels. Use with caution as it does dry out skin. Highly effective for oily and acne skins!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5%

Can I leave this on overnight?

First - Glycolic acid does its "work" in the first few minutes of being on skin, so there is no extra benefit to leaving it on over night.

Second - While the benefits are lessen after a certain amount of time, it will still be effecting skin mostly by drying it out and possible irritating it. Our product is a strong percentage for OTC and is not recommend to leave it on over night.

If you want to increase the results - it is best to "layer" it by applying one layer, waiting 1 minute, then applying another over top, then leaving both on for 10 seconds to 2 minutes. This works really well!

What's the pH of the glycolic acid?

This product contains glycolic acid at pH 1.5 - 2. This is an ideal pH to give you noticeable results. 

Should I do professional strength peels with this product?

Our Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% will give the same results as a professional peel, just in a safer, easier, and less intense way (results will take longer). 

You can use it to build your skin up to using a stronger peel - and may use it in between any peel treatments you are doing. However, it is important to stop using it for at least one week before or after a peel, and do let your skin care professional know you are using it.

Can I keep using this forever?

You certainly can! In fact it is recommended because this level of glycolic acid works extremely well as a cumulative process. The longer you use it, the better your skin. 

It may be beneficial to have a "break" occasionally if you feel you need it. A month or so without. This is also a great way to notice any difference in the health and appearance of your skin once you stop - this can be surprising! 

Thank you for using our 

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Try the tips above to get the most out of it. And remember, you can contact us anytime with your questions and comments!

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