The Ultimate Face Mask For Acne and Blackheads
Detox, Clear and Smooth Your Skin with One Product

The ultimate face mask for acne and blackheads - You've heard that bentonite clay is great at detoxifying and purifying your skin. That it works like a 'magnet' to draw out impurities and is a heavy hitter in the fight against acne and blackheads.

Now, what if this hard working clay was formulated with other powerful ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sulphur, zinc oxide, chamomile and camphor?

You get the ultimate face mask for acne - one that works to not only draw out impurities, but also decrease inflammation, exfoliate skin, deep cleanse pores, control oil and lessen blackheads.

The Clay Mask For Clear, Smooth, Shine-Free Skin - What Makes It Different?

Our new Clearing Clay Mask goes beyond the clay. The combined ingredients work together to instantly refresh, soothe and smooth your skin, while unclogging pores and providing a deep exfoliation.

It can be used in 3 ways:

  1. As a 'normal' acne face mask treatment 2-3 times weekly. 
  2. As spot treatment - apply a small amount directly to a pimple overnight to reduce inflammation (and sometimes help it disappear completely). In other words, significantly reduce the reduce and swelling so you don't have to spend hours trying to conceal it in the morning!
  3. As an overnight 'mattifying' and blackheads treatment - Apply a thin layer to very oily/congested areas overnight. Wake up with matte skin, less obvious blackheads, and refined pores.

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Why You Should Use A Face Mask For Acne

Acne and blackheads are generally caused by an excess of oil and dead skin cells (of course, the underlying cause can differ but that is the physical manifestation).

The basic steps of your routine - using an exfoliation product consistently such as salicylic acid, a good oil free moisturizer and protecting your skin are vital. The addition of a face mask into your acne fighting routine builds on these solid steps and allows for more benefits: 

  • Targeted treatment - Your cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer need to take care of your whole face, not just the troubled areas (e.g. if you have a combination skin). A mask lets you apply a strong treatment to these areas only.
  • Some ingredients shouldn't be left on skin - Bentonite clay is powerful, and can only be left on skin for 20 - 30 mins. The same is true of salicylic (BHA), glycolic (AHA) and sulphur. When they are present in strong enough amounts (e.g. to actually do something), they get to work fast and then need to be removed to avoid irritation.
  • Masks are a great excuse for pampering! - Acne is a difficult condition to deal with, effecting your self esteem and taking up a lot of time and energy to treat. By taking some time out a couple of times a week to apply a treatment, and relaxing as it gets to work is something everyone deserves to do. 

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