Diet And Pimples
How They Relate and What To Do About It

Diet and Pimples

Diet and pimples are related - By changing some of your eating habits you can make a huge difference in the frequency of your spots and breakouts. 

And it doesn't take a lot! By simply taking note of how you eat and making a few changes, you might find the missing link to a clear complexion.  

The 2 Major Ways Diet Affects Our Skin

1. The major relation between of diet and pimples is Digestion and Elimination.

What do our bodies actually do with the food we eat?

Convert the nutrients into energy for the vital processes that keep us alive - then expel the waste products and things we don't need.

So what if we eat too much cr*p, not enough good stuff, and our body can't expel it easily through the 'normal' process?

Everything slows down (sluggish systems) and our skin becomes the 'escape hatch', leading to excess oil, pimples, dullness, blackheads....

Tips For Healthy Digestion

  • Instead of worrying about eating the occasional bar of chocolate, concentrate instead on eating fresh, healthy food 70 to 80% of the time
  • Eat enough fiber to help healthy elimination - grains, fresh fruit, leafy greens, oats
  • Try your best to only eat until you're 80% full - over eating makes it hard to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste and slows the whole body down
  • These tips are really about developing healthy habits  - take each a step at a time and be patient in adding them into your life - keep your clear skin goal in mind and they will become second nature

2. Blood Sugar Levels And Hormones

High blood sugar levels produce insulin spikes - which stimulate the male hormones which can contribute to oily skin and pimples.

You know what it's like to eat a bowl of ice-cream, sugary donuts or a bag of M&Ms... major sugar high followed by a big crash.

Do this too often and you will find yourself with pimples and dull skin.

And it's not just the obvious sugar laden foods that cause it, it's those 'high GI' choices like white bread, pasta and most 'fat free' foods.

These can become addictive and lead to never-ending cycles where you feel like you constantly need to eat more of them to keep you going.

Tips For Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

  • Eat protein at every meal (cheese, meat, eggs, lentils)
  • Go back to eating real food - butter, whole milk, the 'original' version of your favorite foods 
  • Good fat is GOOD for you! It is filling and gives fuel to your body, preventing sugary cravings. Olive oil, avocado, real butter, nuts and meat are all good sources

Best Tips For Diet And Pimples:

  • Eat at least one apple a day - a great source of fiber, water and vitamins
  • Increase your 'leafy greens' intake - try a baby spinach salad with your lunch and dinner. The high water content helps you to stay full and the green is full of anti-inflammatory properties
  • Take an evening primrose oil supplement to help balance out hormones, after a few weeks you will notice a difference in your skin
  • Start your day with a glass of hot water and fresh lemon juice - kick start digestion, cleanser your system and get a boost of vitamin C
  • Once a client swore her clear skin was due to eating red/purple grapes everyday!! These are mini anti oxidant power-houses, try eating a handful a day for a couple of weeks, and let me know how it goes!


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