Blackhead Tips
11 Tips For Instant and Long Term Results

Blackheads are one of the most annoying skin problems... 

They're so stubborn! It can seem impossible to get rid of them.

But don't give up yet - the 11 blackhead tips below include simple ways to give you quick instant results, as well as long term solutions to get clear skin and keep it clear!

Blackhead Tips for Quick Results

Blackhead Tips

1.  After cleansing, do a quick facial steam to soften the plugs and open pores.

Hold your face over a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and stay that way for about 10mins...

2.  Next, squeeze very gently any blackheads that look ready to come out. Don't over squeeze or force any! See this page for important details

3. You can use a blackhead extractor tool to quickly and easily remove blackheads that are ready to come out. Learn how here.

4. Make a refreshing astringent out of mineral water and fresh lemon juice (about half and half ratio works well, lemon juice can be harsh so use caution). Splash or mist this onto skin to help 'close' pores. You can then follow with a light powder or concealer, which can be massaged in to disguise the little 'holes' that can be left behind!

Be sure to see the tip below about cleansing thoroughly at night!

5.  Apply a small amount of Salicylic Daily Exfoliator 2% in the morning, rinse straight away and follow with your usual routine. This will keep your skin matte and fresh looking all day (and of course, continue to use it at night to get the real skin clearing results)

Blackhead Tips for Long Term Clear Skin (How To Get Rid Of Them!)

6.  Cleanse thoroughly at night. Blackheads thrive when make up and oil isn't cleansed off properly. A double cleanse is a good idea and really massage it into congested areas. 

7.  Use a cleanser product with active ingredients such as salicylic and glycolic acid, which slough off dead skin cells and get deep into pores. Massage it in for at least 30seconds and rinse well. 

8. Keep your skin balanced by applying moisturizer no matter how oily you are - balanced skin produces the right amount of oil it needs only. Don't skip this step!

9.  But it has to be the right moisturizer! The best cleansing and exfoliating action will go to waste if you're using a moisturizer that is too oily or rich - remember it stays on your skin so has a big role to play in how clear it is.

This can often  be the missing ingredient in your routine if you're continuing to struggle with clogged skin. Use an oil free, light moisturizer on very oily and congested areas (you can apply a more hydrating cream to drier areas such as cheeks if need be)

AHA & BHA's dissolve oil and dead skin cells, like tiny pac men!

10.  Daily use of an AHA or BHA is one of the best ways to get rid of blackheads permanently, as well as clear and brighten your skin overall. Salicylic acid is great for acne and oily skin. Glycolic acid is excellent if you're also concerned with aging, pigmentation, fine lines etc. 

Consistent use of these acids is the number one blackhead tip you should take from all of these! They really can make that much of a difference.

11. Yes, diet can affect blackheads! Do you notice they seem to be a lot more visible after a few days of bad (greasy, oily, fatty) food choices? Experiment by cleaning up your diet for as little as 3 days (a juice fast is a great way to do this if you really want to compare!), and notice the difference it can make. 

How much easier would it be if your skin was clear of these annoying little plugs?! Be consistent and it can be done.

Quick tips help give instant results for a bit of motivation.... but the long term strategies are what really work to make blackheads a thing of the past. 

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