Blackhead Prevention In 3 Steps
What Actually Works To Prevent Those Annoying Plugs!

Blackhead prevention is one of the most important steps in maintaining clear skin.

Without it you can squeeze and scrub, but the blackheads will continue to return... Turning off the 'automatic refill' is our aim!

Blackhead Prevention

Here are the 3 vital steps for blackhead prevention:

1. Consistent Exfoliation To Keep Your Skin Clear

This is the most important and most successful step, and is fairly easy to achieve. 

Think of it like your kitchen bench - if you don't give it a quick wipe clean everyday it will build up grime. Once you do get around to cleaning it takes a lot more effort and may never be the same again...

  • These work like 'Pac Men' by eating the glue between skin cells and munching excess oil, bacteria and sweat... providing an even exfoliation, constantly 'refreshing', or dissolving, the top layer of skin
  • Another beneficial ingredient Vitamin A (Retinol), which clears dry skin cells, increases healthy cell turnover and will strengthen skin over time (see our Complete Retinol Cream for the ultimate product)
  • An added bonus of using these ingredients is a clearer, brighter complexion

2. Add Mineral Oil To Your Routine

Yes... Mineral oil has a bad reputation in the skin care industry. But highly refined, cosmetic grade mineral oil (plain baby oil) is completely harmless and very successful in treating certain problems.

  • To help in blackhead prevention, use mineral oil as a pre-cleanse daily
  • Massage into congested areas for a few minutes on dry skin (water repels oil so it's important to use it before wetting your face)
  • Use your normal cleanser to remove, and follow with a warm wash cloth or toner 
  • Mineral oil works so well in blackhead prevention and treatment because the oil binds onto and dissolves the excess oil on your skin.
  • Water alone can't dissolve the excess sebum, and regular cleansers often use soaping agents to remove every last ounce - so skin overcompensates by producing even more...
  • Mineral oil works really well to dissolve the hardened blackhead plugs  which 'releases' them. This gives your AHA product a head start so they can dissolve them easier, or they can sometimes just come out by massaging a warm wash cloth over your skin. Try it!

3. Lifestyle Factors & Quick Tips For Blackhead Prevention

  • It is tempting to focus completely on external care to keep skin clear, but the single most important factor is inner balance, if you pay attention to this, blackheads, acne and other skin conditions will truly be a thing of the past
  • Keeping hydrated is important - up your fresh veggie and fruit intake 
  • Try taking a regular sauna - this opens pores and sweat is an excellent cleanser
  • Regular exercise promotes sweating and healthy skin - as well as increasing circulation of nutrients and removal of waste
  • The most important part in keeping skin clear is thorough cleansing at night - do a DOUBLE cleanse if you wear make up and massage for at least 30seconds (with a good, active product such as our Alpha Beta Exfoliating Cleanser)

The Most Important Tip For Blackhead Prevention:

Be consistent!

These little plugs are such a pain because they are persistent... so persist back by continuing to use the steps above.

Noticing significant results will take a good week or 2 depending on the severity of the problem to start with.

If you use these steps daily - you will be successful in clearing your skin.

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