3 Basic Skin Care Tips
- taken from Pointless to Powerful -

Most basic skin care tips are boring...

And they are repeated again and again. You know them already, and probably roll your eyes whenever you see them.

BUT... with some tweaks, these basic skin care tips can be very powerful indeed. This page has three of the most common that are actually worth doing right! 

Find out how:

Basic Skin Care Tips that work

Drink more water and wear sunscreen? Yawn.

But... make a few important tweaks - and you will finally see those longed-for results. So... read on, and find out exactly what you need to be doing for great skin!

How To Really Get Beautiful Skin from Boring, Basic Skin Care Tips....

#1: "Drink more water" (the most unoriginal skin care tip ever)

Tried drinking 8 glasses of water a day only to see no difference at all? But wait! 

For this basic skin care tip to actually do something, a dramatic increase is usually needed (and, can yield quite dramatic results...):

  • Try to drink at least 3 liters of water a day - more if you live in a hot/dry environment, exercise, drink coffee/alcohol...
  • Eat more water rich foods - cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, celery, etc. These are especially hydrating and excellent for your skin. 
  • Important: your body also needs electrolytes and salt. Too much salt is bad of course, but your body does need some sodium to perform many functions - one of which is to hold onto water. Consider adding a 1/4tsp of pink Himalyain Sea Salt to your day (more details in this article)

Will you actually see results from this increased water intake?

YES. First of all - you might be surprised with how much better you feel overall.

Secondly, your skin will feel "fuller", more supple, tighter (usually because the better hydrated you are, the less bloated you are), and it will look clearer and younger.

Tip: Keep two or three liter bottles of water in the fridge (just refilling basic bottles is fine), and aim to get through them each day. This is an easy way to keep track, and is a good goal to use. 

Depending on your intake now, it can take from 3 days to a couple of weeks to really notice a difference. But you will, so keep it up!

Build up to drinking more water if needed - especially if you aren't used to drinking so much. And remember, your body will get used to it so those bathroom trips won't always be so frequent!

#2: "Wear sunscreen everyday"

The ultimate common sense basic skin care tip. It is important though, so what's the problem?

How to use it properly!

If you're going to use sunscreen, do the following to ensure it actually does its job (i.e. prevents pre-mature aging, skin damage, fine lines, age spots... the list goes on!)

  • Apply sunscreen BEFORE anything else - after you've cleansed and dried your skin, the next product to go on should be your sunscreen. 
  • This ensures three things: 1) that you apply enough, 2) that the sunscreen reacts properly with your skin without other products preventing them from doing its job, and 3) that your following products can do their job - which is usually priming or hydrating. More intense "treatments" such as retinol are usually applied at night, so no need to worry about that. Day time skin care is about protection!
  • Don't forget to apply it up over your orbital (eye) bone, sides of your face, neck, chest, and ears
  • Wait 5 minutes for it to absorb, then apply the rest of your products (serum, moisturizer, primer, etc)

A separate sunscreen product is best. Why?

  • With a sunscreen-only product, you can rest assured it does what it is supposed to do (which is why products with only one purpose are usually always best)
  • Using a moisturizer (or foundation) without sunscreen means you can also use that product in the evening - you actually save money! Plus, you won't have to worry about white "ghost face" in flash photography when you're out :)
  • Important - if you do use a moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen, you generally don't apply it thoroughly enough to provide proper coverage. When was the last time you applied foundation to your ears or to every inch of your face? Use a simple, separate sunscreen, and your skin will thank you for many, many years to come!

3: "Let your skin breathe"

Tree With Oxygen by Fotographic1980/freedigitalphotos.net

This isn't even a tip - it's a myth. Usually along the lines of "go makeup free at least once a week to let your skin breathe".

Ever seen your skin gasp for air with its tiny lungs, under all that makeup and product? Didn't think so...

So, if you want to wear makeup everyday, go for it (makeup actually does a good job of protecting your skin). If you want to wear a ton of product, go for it!

What you need to actually do instead: 

  • The obvious and basic skin care tip - make sure you cleanse off your makeup throughly at night
  • Use quality makeup products - at least the important ones such as foundation. If your skin is congested your foundation may be too oily or have an ingredient that is causing a reaction - no amount of allowing your skin to "breathe" will help this. The solution is to change the product (and might be the only solution you need)
  • Focus on protection for day time - good moisturizer, adequate sunscreen. Treatment at night - hydration, exfoliation, specific concerns (e.g. retinol for anti-aging)
  • Focus on proper exfoliation - not with grainy scrubs, but a high quality chemical exfoliator that will provide a fresh, clear complexion (see details and reviews about our Glycolic Daily Exfoliator here >)
  • IMPORTANT - your skin does need nourishment, which includes oxygen - HOWEVER this is from the blood supply. AKA from within, not without!

Your skin has a very capable blood capillary network that brings nutrients to the skin cells, and takes away waste. You can help this perform optimally by doing the following:

  • Regular exercise - increase blood flow through your entire body and makes it more efficient. Brings blood closer to the surface of skin, increases oxygen supply, and helps "flush" waste products from tissues.
  • Supplements such as Gingko Bilboa and Omega 3 fish oil can help with blood flow (check with your doctor before starting)
  • Smoking constricts capillaries - if no other excuse is good enough, give up for the sake of your skin!
  • Fresh air is important - but not so your skin can breathe it in! Breathe deeply into your lungs, as then that nicely oxygenated blood goes to your skins tissues :)

These basic skin care tips, taken to the next level, are actually some of the best things you can do for your skin! Try the tweaks above, and you might be surprised with the results... finally!

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